Accident Fracture Orth and Surgical Hospital

Hospital - Has admission (bed) facility
Contact Person
Dr. Balasaheb A. Lande


Behind Upvan Hotel, Near Modern High School, Kabnoor Road, Ichalkaranji
Phone : 0230-2437334

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0 #3 Nzewi Chima 2012-06-30 18:41
My name is Nzewi Chima, i am a Nigerian, i had accident on October 2011, i had fracture on my left leg, as it is now, i have plates inplanted but its like the surgeon made mistake and is talking of another surgery, please i dont want to do it here again, what will be the hospital bill over there to repeat the surgery.
0 #2 maryrose 2012-04-29 16:57
Hi my name is maryros am a nigeria I had an accedent 6years ago. On my right leg the femur it got broken and I had an operation here in nigeria but it seem it was not well position because the other leg is shorter than the other one and i don't walk well making me to leap. The doctor here said I have to go for another operation and but I dnt trust them because of d one I had. Please want to know if it can be corrected and what it will cost to redo it if it can be done again.
-1 #1 Uzor Frank 2012-02-29 13:15
i am a nigerian.i had an accident 13years ago and the tibia and fibula on my left leg was broken.i had compound complex fracture.i have had many surgeries both skin grafting and bone grafting. i have taken many antibiotic drugs. the tibia is joined but the fibula is not because of how it broke into pieces.Now i walk with the leg but the wound site never heals up.i am always dressing the leg.what do i do?