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You might be aware that consuming a healthy diet will help with reducing the risk of many diseases. Even, it will help you keep the weight under control. A healthy diet is something that is made up of low-fat or fat-free... Read More
Innovation is important in every sector to ensure growth. It is something highly essential in the healthcare sector as you can judge. Only then, precious lives can be saved. Even, there are some devices that will help wi... Read More
As people become more health conscious, Body Mass Index (BMI) has become a buzzword that is thrown around more often than it used to. The BMI is nothing but the proportion between your height and weight. It is, however, ... Read More
You might have heard several times that taking foods rich in fibre is a good idea. As most of us look for ways to improve our health, we wish to do it. But, as with any other good things, there is a limit. As the famous ... Read More
In a country like India, rain is something that brings utmost happiness. For so long people struggle with hot weather. Thereafter when the rainy season sets, it relaxes them a lot. But, the problem with the rainy season ... Read More
Everyone is concerned about his/her looks in today’s glamorous world but sometimes, we ignore the very little things that we should pay more attention to. We spend lots of money for Cosmetic Surgery.  The most care-s... Read More
Vitamins are essential elements that play an important role in the healthy functioning of the body. Our body cannot synthesize vitamins and hence have to be consumed in the diet. When present in the optimum levels, they ... Read More
The never ending debate of homeopathy medicines and its benefit over allopath medicines seems to be gaining much more importance these days. The reason is the growing concern of the side effects imposed by several allopa... Read More
Ideally, meat is the widest source of iron, but its consumption on a daily basis is not possible. Does that leave the vegans with no choice at all? There are a lot of vegetarian foods that can supplement the daily requir... Read More
The number of gymnasium centres found in any locality has increased manifold overtime. Even the big real estate developers have taken this point in view, and are coming up with plans that provide for gyms in residential ... Read More
                                      Eating a snack between meals can increase hunger so that you don’t eat the dining... Read More
Obesity has been considered one of the world's biggest plagues, leading to a climbing threat of health problems such as diabetes, blood pressure and high cholesterol. We know that North America is home to the largest... Read More
Essential sleep during the day is needed for everyone including a balanced diet and lots of water. But does one’s health smart stop there? When it comes to their well-being many women look at the big picture without st... Read More
Q.1 Why should I opt for Ayurveda for my health issues, while there are other systems that provide quick healing? In the case of other systems of medicines, the disease alone is treated. But, in Ayurveda, a holistic app... Read More
Q.1 I know that Root Canal Therapy is a dental therapy. But, what is it actually? Ans. If your dentist finds that the root or nerve of one of your tooth is inflamed or infected, he/she might suggest root canal therapy, ... Read More
Cold is perhaps the most annoying ailment with symptoms including coughing, runny nose, headache, fever or body ache. This disease lasts about 10 to 15 days depending on the medication one is taking. There are many over-... Read More
So, it s not the season of mangoes. It s upsetting, but winter also brings along a bagful of fruity delights. The winter fruits are not only savory rich, but also full of antioxidants and vitamins that help keep the skin... Read More
Whether your fitness goal is losing weight, improving digestive system, regulating body temperature or enhancing overall health, nutrition plan can not be complete without appropriate water intake. That is why doctors re... Read More
Acidity is often considered a very slight discomfort. Only those who suffer from it can tell you how difficult it is to even breathe when you are suffering from acidity. If you suffer from it often too, there is no need ... Read More
Is there a tingling, burning or stinging sensation in your mouth when you eat something hot or spicy? Are there small circular white patches in your mouth that hurt a lot? If yes, then you are suffering from mouth ulcers... Read More
Every person at some point of life goes through with the dull or sharp pain in the lower back, here you will get backache treatment. This Backache can be caused due to numbers of reasons such as injury due to the acciden... Read More
Beauty holds great importance in everybody’s life. People, men and women alike, go to great lengths to take care of their skin, hair and looks to look presentable at all times. To cash-in our love for beautiful skin, m... Read More
Menopause can describe as any of the changes a woman goes through either just before or after she stops menstruating, indicating the end of her reproductive period. Most of the Menopause Symptoms actually happen during ... Read More
Women need to undergo medical screenings and tests throughout their lives. Why are these needed? You will learn from this article the benefits of taking this medical test. Pap Smear Test: This test is also known as P... Read More
Ayurvedic herbs play an essential role in the old system of healing; these are used as dietary supplements. Nowadays popularity of Ayurveda is growing. There are many useful ayurvedic herbs about which people should get ... Read More
It is estimated that three million people in the United Kingdom have osteoporosis. The disease effects one in three women, and at least one in twelve men. Every three minutes someone has a fracture as a result of this di... Read More
The most common aspect of age related disorders are memory loss. Memory loss is all about the deficiency or reduction of “neurotransmitters” a brains chemical messenger. Although this deficiency may be years in the m... Read More
Babies who are below the age of 1 are expected to the Inactivated Poliomyelitis Vaccine, commonly known as IPV from October. The method to give this vaccine is Intramuscular injection. Moreover, the currently used OPV al... Read More
As Modi’s government is focusing on digital media, the ministry of health is trying to organize interactive mobile applications and web portals for many of its flagship programmes for example immunization drives and mo... Read More
On Wednesday, The World Health Organization asked for enhanced efforts for controlling malaria and eliminating the same by killing parasites that cause malaria. These were at one point of time believed to be less dangero... Read More
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