Top 5 Cancer Hospitals in India 2017

Top 5 Cancer Hospitals in India 2017

Top 5 Cancer Hospitals in India 2017


Cancer, it sounds very dangerous in itself, even all of us made it a big word, which is, in general, due to irregular diet, skipping breakfast, Unhealthy Foods, Lack of fluid (Non-Carbonated) and Vitamin B17 (Apricot Kernels or you can say, Bitter Almond ). Cancer is a disease which if detected and treated in an early stage will be helpful for the patients. As soon as you have doubt go for the biopsy, that gives the initial sign, further, you can go for CT Scan, Pet Scan, CA 125 etc according to type like Bone Marrow, Breast, Blood, Prostate etc.

Many Patients today not only in India but all over the world lose their life because of Cancer. But now there are so many cancer hospitals in India and below you will find top 5 Cancer hospitals in India which are especially for cancer patients. People from all over the world come to India for treatment. India is best known for having the best doctors, best surgeons and the best hospitals at the lower price than other countries.

The treatment fees for cancer is less compared to that in the US/ UK. People who have more money like a businessman, film actors who can afford to go abroad for the cancer treatments, but it is not possible for the Indian Middle-class family to afford so much. Hence most of them take treatment in India. The top 5 oncology hospitals in India offer the affordable and effective treatment for cancer. One of the Bollywood directors Anurag Basu has taken the treatment and is fine now completely so one who is suffering from cancer should come forward for treatment as soon as it is diagnosed. 

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List of Best 5 Oncology Hospitals in India:

1. Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai

The Tata Memorial Hospital in Mumbai comes under the category of top 5 cancer hospitals in India. It is well known for the radiology and the chemotherapy treatment to its patients. It is also well known for having the advanced centre for treatment, research and the education. This hospital provides the free treatment to nearly 70% of the patients. The radiological technologies that are used here are ultrasound, MRI and the CT scanners.

2. Kidwai Memorial Institute of Oncology, Bangalore

Kidwai Memorial Institute of Oncology is in the list of top Medical Hospitals in India. It provides the best and free treatment to the poor people and also offers the medicines at the rate of 40 to 60% cheaper as compared to the medicines that are sold outside. The medical staff, accommodation facilities and all the equipment that are used to treat the patients are the best.

3. PD Hinduja National Hospital, Mumbai

The Hinduja National Hospital is one of the best hospitals in Mumbai and the country and best for the cancer patients. It has good medical and the radiation oncology departments and does the test for breast examinations, early diagnosis, hematuria management and even the early prostate cancer diagnosis is also done here. The hospital also has well-qualified doctors and also has urologic oncologists who have performed the various types of cancer surgeries.

4. Apollo Cancer Hospital, Chennai

The one of the best cancer hospital in Chennai is the Apollo hospital; this provides the best sophisticated and the world class facilities for the cancer patients. Has good modern amenities and provides the good stay for the patients. It has the best oncologist in the country that provides the effective medication as well as the faster recovery to the patients. Nearly 150 blood and the bone marrow transplants are performed here till date by the famous surgeons in the Apollo cancer hospital in Chennai.

5. Amala Cancer Centre, Thrissur

This hospital is a charitable Institution and offers the best world class medical facilities, as well as the, provides the best care for the cancer patients. It has nearly 550 beds and also handles 4,000 cancer cases as well as handles the 6,000 patients at a time. It provides the treatments like Chemotherapy, radiotherapy and the cancer surgery. It has well-qualified doctors, the nurses and the good staff who ensures that the comfortable stay of the patients and as well as provides the best possible treatment to the patients to cure the disease early.

Here I would like to share some suggestions for Cancer Patients:

1. Take Oranges, Carrot, Wheat Grass, Coconut Water as much as possible.

2. Don't panic, keep the faith, be strong, as that will only help to cure.

3. Keep slight daily intake of Cinnamon Powder, Ginger, Turmeric Powder also.

4. Drink 7-10 glass of water, a small portion of food in every 2-3 hrs, never skip breakfast and lunch. 

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