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Essential sleep during the day is needed for everyone including a balanced diet and lots of water. But does one’s health smart stop there? When it comes to their well-being many women look at the big picture without stopping t... Read More
Q.1 Why should I opt for Ayurveda for my health issues, while there are other systems that provide quick healing? In the case of other systems of medicines, the disease alone is treated. But, in Ayurveda, a holistic approach of m... Read More
Q.1 I know that Root Canal Therapy is a dental therapy. But, what is it actually? Ans. If your dentist finds that the root or nerve of one of your tooth is inflamed or infected, he/she might suggest root canal therapy, which is s... Read More
Ques. 1 What are the causes of Abortion? What are the types of Abortion? What are the Complications of Abortion? Ans.  This is the termination of pregnancy before 28th weeks where the product of conception is expelled either co... Read More
Ques. 1 How can pregnancy be diagnosed? Ans. Pregnancy is the condition of having a developing embryo of the foetus in the body, after the union of an ovum and spermatozoon. The diagnosis of early pregnancy can usually be estab... Read More
Ques. 1 What is Normal labour in case of pregnancy? Ans.          NORMAL LABOUR – It is the process of the expulsion of the mature foetus at term presented by anterior position (L.O.A. or R.O.A.) where the process i... Read More
Ques. 1 How can Anaemia affect pregnancy? Ans.       Anaemia – means qualitative or quantitative reduction of circulating R.B.C. and / or of percentage of haemoglobin concentration in relation to standard age and sex.  ... Read More
Ques. 1 What is twin pregnancy? Ans.          Definition : The simultaneous development of two embryos in the uterus is spoken of as twin pregnancy. Types : Twins developed from two ova are known as Binovular twins... Read More
Ques. 1 How can a pregnancy case be complicated due to Diabetes mellitus? Ans.          When glucose is present in urine and is in high quantity in blood during pregnancy, is said to be complicated with diabetes. Glyc... Read More
Ques. 1  What is Tinea Barbae? Ans.       A disease of the hair follicles of the face and neck occurring in men (also called ring-worm of beard). AETIOLOGY: It is quite contagious and like all other forms of tinea is of... Read More
Ques. 1           Which organs are the main filters of our body? Ans                  The li... Read More
28 Apr 2016
Ques. 1        What is Vitiligo? Ans.              Vitiligo is a disease produced by a lack of pigment in the skin in certain parts of the body. It is not contagious. There is another similar disease which i... Read More
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