Benefits of a Morning Jog During Winters

Benefits of a Morning Jog During Winters

Jogging is proven to be a very good exercise regime. But there are many people who jog during summers but avoid the same during winters. Exercise is a regular regime that needs to be followed all through the year irrespective of the season or climate. To keep yourself fit, do not change your regular physical activities. Our body gets toned to the routine and thereby can fight back other external factors.

It’s a myth that one might catch flu just by walking outdoors during winter. Our body generates natural heat during winter to keep warmth. Also, this is the major reason that we require more energy during winters as our body exerts more to create warmth within. If you are a routine jogger, then you should not break that even during winters. However, if you are just starting off then better to start during summer and then continue even during winters.

The most essential part is that morning jogging helps in revitalising and energising the body. The body gets heated up and so you feel fresh and rejuvenated. However, it’s equally important to check out the following tips to make your morning jog safe during winters.

When you jog in the morning you are sure to get at least the minimum exposure to sunlight and thus help in maintaining a balance in your body. Dress up properly and try to include all kinds of accessories that are available in the market to keep you warm. During summer, you may jog with just a simple track pants and t-shirts but this may not be enough to keep you warm during winter. Opt for some good thermal wear and also woollen clothes to keep your body protected from direct chill wind. Literally the jogging apparel during winter may include jacket, shirts with long sleeves preferably, headband, tights, gloves and glasses to protect your eyes from chill wind. Also, footwear must be selected prudently such that they keep your feet warm and also does not slip while jogging on the snowy regions.

To make the jogging more exciting it’s also good to include your friends. Make a group and then plan your jogging time as this also serves as motivational booster. Winter comes with it heck of laziness and other winter blues. To get rid of this, it’s good to be in company with friends to accelerate the positive vibrations and thereby ward off such doldrums during winter.

During winter, we often tend to eat more due to the fact that our body exerts more energy to keep it warm. So, it’s also important to burn out the extra calories, as most people put on weight during this season due to lack of exercises. Yet another fact is that when you jog in the morning your body gets heated and so you also are able to resist the cold weather much better. Your immune system is all the more vitalised with morning jogging during winter.

Let your body feel fresh and healthy with regular jogging in the morning during winter.

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