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Cold is perhaps the most annoying ailment with symptoms including coughing, runny nose, headache, fever or body ache. This disease lasts about 10 to 15 days depending on the medication one is taking. There are many over-the-coun... Read More
So, it s not the season of mangoes. It s upsetting, but winter also brings along a bagful of fruity delights. The winter fruits are not only savory rich, but also full of antioxidants and vitamins that help keep the skin glowing... Read More
Whether your fitness goal is losing weight, improving digestive system, regulating body temperature or enhancing overall health, nutrition plan can not be complete without appropriate water intake. That is why doctors recommend ... Read More
Mushrooms are probably the most under rated nutritive items on any one’s diet list. These innocuous looking fungi are one of the most potent nutritional additives that you can include in your diet to ensure good health, better... Read More
More and more people are growing health conscious and are becoming sceptical towards the use of rice in the daily meals. While some are shunning plain white polished rice for brown rice, others are switching to Indian breads mad... Read More
Used as a remedy for numerous health problems from cold to cancer, ginger has been known for its therapeutic benefits for over centuries now. Apart from adding a zing to many dishes, this miracle root is used to cure and prevent... Read More
Protein is a very important component of a balanced meal. Proteins are also the building blocks of the body and are vital for growth and sustenance. It is a macro nutrient and should be included in your diet in adequate quantiti... Read More
In the summer all the way around - the major negative factors are the high temperatures, often more and high humidity and intense ultraviolet radiation. All these negative factors may cause increased sweating, then extension, skin... Read More
Many herbs found all around the world have different medicinal properties, called healing herbs. These herbs can function as disinfectants, antiseptics astringents, antibiotics and they can work as quick healers of various wounds ... Read More
Let’s read about home remedies for dry cough. Winter season comes along with cold, flu and coughs. Cold and flu come due to viral infection and recovers within 4-5 days leaving behind the dry cough which persists there for... Read More
Many people search for home remedies for a cough as this is one of the most common health problems experienced by men, women and particularly children. In the case of irritant or blockage in the upper air passages or throat, the... Read More
  Every one of us go through with mishap like misplacing your keys lately? Or dialed a phone number and forgotten whom you were calling? Temporary lapses in memory are a common phenomenon. Unfortunately, they occur with grea... Read More
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