What is Homoeopathy? How Does Homeopathy Work?

What is Homoeopathy? How Does Homeopathy Work?

What is Homoeopathy

Homoeopathy is now a well-known system of medicine, there are no two opinions about that. The who well endorses same that homoeopathy is the best alternative system of medicine. In India and several countries, governments are running their hospitals clinics, and private sector is also putting its best towards the homoeopathy.

With the ever-increasing faith of the human society in Homoeopathy, is making Homoeopaths more responsible for practising the science as per the LAWS OF HOMOEOPATHY. But unfortunately, in the self-interest, lots of Homoeopaths just have ignored the law of Homoeopathy.

As a result of that person coming to homoeopaths are deprived of the qualitative treatment of their ailment which homoeopathy easily can cure permanently. A great stalwart of Homoeopathy has written in his book GENIUS OF HOMOEOPATHY that this science is only will be destroyed by the Homoeopaths if they are not going to abide by the laws of homoeopathy.

What I feel that now the time has come that every common man should know what the fundamentals of the HOMOEOPATHY are so that they can decide what a concerning Homoeopath is doing while they are taking homoeopathy treatment from him. This will enable them to select a right Homoeopathic physician for them and also they can help others to choose right homoeopath.

Laws of Homoeopathy are easy to understand, and there is no question of any confusion. First of all, coming to the


1. Homoeopathic medicine is a sweet pill it is wrong the globules are used only to take it conveniently, and can be preserved for a long time. One thing which is also very important that medicine (globules) if dried even then they are as effective as prepared on the very first day, it is only the excessive medicine which gets evaporated. If the globules turn yellow, then it is of no use.

2. Homoeopathy works delay in treating the patient. It is again not true as Homoeopathy states that every disease is handled in a brief period but corresponding to its pathological nature.  

In fact, if we carefully think that allopathic medicine also takes a long time in treating the cases of T.B., CANCER, LEPROSY, ALLERGIES. Even they give lifetime medicine to Blood pressure Thyroid, Diabetes, malignancies and so on.

So it is not possible right that Homoeopathy takes a long time in treating the case, even contrary to it if somebody is taking a regular treatment of Homoeopathy he will be saved from unwanted side effects of the allopathic medicine and at the same time he will be cured of his ailments permanently.

3. Homoeopathy first increase the illnesses and then it cure it permanently. It is absurd only in cases of SKIN disease where the patient is already suppressed his disease by some unwanted external or internal medicine in that case previous symptoms come back, that is not precisely the aggravation of a sign.

It is merely the reappearance of the previously existing trait which is good for his health. If we notice carefully or we understand the pathology it is actually disease itself wants to come on surface in order to cure itself so if some of the symptoms get aggravated or worsened (in the opinion of the patient) are not bad on the contrary it is the Homoeopathic medicine accentuates sign of early recovery as the process of bringing the disease on surface.

4. Homoeopathic medicine is prescribed little in quantity, how it is possible to cure the massive body. It is again a myth human being never can be measured in the weight, height or width.

Human beings are qualitative they possess their nature, behaviour, likings, disliking, reaction to seasons, weather (some the symptom reacts to the weather) so all these qualitative symptoms only can be treated by the qualitative medicine, as the all the Homoeopathic medicine are proved on the healthy human being.

Simple example to show that when a person dies what left the body it is the energy which was governing the whole body and its function, so it is easy to understand that power only can be treated by the heat (by the potencies Homoeopathic medicine), that is why a small quantity of the Homoeopathic dose is sufficient to bring the complete cure.

5. Homoeopathic medicine doesn’t have any side effects, is a great myth. It merely put the doubt on the efficacy of the drug as on the one side we claim that it can cure the disease permanently. So how it is possible that same cannot cause serious side effects, when a Medicine is even touching the emotions, will and the whole physical constitution of the person we can understand.

If medicine is not taken into proper hands it can cause severe damage to the health of the patient and even sometimes it is permanent. So it is strictly advisable to take medicine only from the academic Homoeopathic physician.

6. No Allopathic medicine should be taken when someone is making a Homoeopathy treatment. It is not again absolute truth as in some acute cases like renal colic, high fever, haemorrhages head injuries fracture, surgeries, or the condition of the patient is in critical condition where a collection of symptom is not possible.

If the patient takes some allopathic medicine then there is no harm, but one thing is important to note that in above-mentioned condition a highly skilled full Homoeopath can bring the miraculous results.


Laws of Homoeopathy are elementary to understand for every common man. These are as follows:

1. Law Of Similia

This is the first and the foremost law of the Homoeopathy this rule explains that patient comes with a particular group of the symptom during his illness and if we find a medicine which is having similar kind of sign and given to the patient cure takes place spontaneously.

This law is based on nature’s law of treatment which states that when two same dynamic affection (one disease and other medicine) meet on one dynamic plane (vitality), weaker one is removed by stronger one. That is why in Homoeopathy, when cure takes place it is permanent and having no side effects.

2. Law Of Drug Proving

In Homoeopathy drugs are proved on healthy human beings of different age, race and sex that is eliminating all the error of knowing the actual drug potential.

As the human can only explain well the alteration in their health (sensations, symptoms) after taking a drug substance. This method of drug proving is far more scientific than any other drug proving, which is conducted on various animals but used to treat human beings.

3. Law Of Drug Dynamisation

Homoeopathy believes that disease is a dynamic phenomenon (having energy behind it responsible for the condition) can only be treated by the active drug (potencies medicine). Trifurcation and succession do Potentiate.

A great scientist of Physics ARRHENIUS proved that maxaminimis is the minima maximise which means that when we reduce the quantity of a substance in one solution, the quality (energy) increases and amount get reduced.

That is why in Homoeopathy we get the potency, e.g. 30, 200, 1m, 10m and so on. That is why Homoeopathic medicine is having a higher potential of treating the patient in compare to the quantitative (Allopathic) medicine.

4. Law Of Individualisation   

In Homoeopathy it is the individual who becomes diseased not his different parts as the concept of modern medicine (allopathic). If we carefully examine every case we will find some of the symptoms which unexplainable, but they exist with the disease in every individual, but we ignore them due to lack of knowledge to understand or some prejudice in mind.

So Homoeopathy teaches that every case must be studied individualistically through its symptom which is a real guide for the physician to select a right medicine for the patient. So when a patient is consulting a Homoeopathic physician, he or she must tell all about himself as well as a symptom of the disease it will enable the Homoeopathic physician to select a right Homoeopathic medicine and cure you in a brief period.

5. Law Of Simplex

Homoeopathy is the only science where after taking in consideration of the entire symptom select a single medicine that will take care of all the sign. Multiple medications in the Homoeopathy is against the laws.

So if somebody is prescribing the patents or writing several medicines to the patient he is wrong, every patient must be aware of such kind of physician they cause permanent harm rather than giving some relief to the patient.

6. Law Of Susceptibility

It is an individual quality of the person to react to any stimuli. In simple words, it is the character of a person for example exposure to cold gives me a headache, it is the susceptibility towards cold which is causing a problem.

So if we understand it carefully, we come to know that it is only the susceptibility (energy) which keeps any person ill until it has not been corrected through proper homoeopathic medicine.

7. Law Of Minimum Dose   

Homoeopathy is the only science which genuinely believes in the minimum requirement of any medicine. In Homoeopathy a Homoeopath when selecting a remedy he prescribes the required minimum dose of that medication, and that is enough to bring the complete relief.

Even sometimes another dose of the medication is not needed if the selection of the drug and the potency is correct.  But one should know that it is not applied in all cases, every case is dealt in a particular manner.

8. Herrings’ Law of Cure

Dr Haring was a Homoeopathic physician laid down a path of cure that is like that

(1) Sensation should correct first then function and then structure.

(2) Disease must go above downwards from head to toes, in two out.

(3) Disease must go from deeper structure to superficial structure and more critical organ to less important body for example in case of Asthma if lungs get manifest disease should come on the surface which is less significant organ.

(4) Symptom must go in the reverse order of their appearance, for example in a case first there is skin complaint then of joint and then of lungs come, in this case, claims of the lung should go first then followed by the joint and lastly the skin.


It is very ill-defined the topic and often ignored by the Homoeopaths. They feel there is no limit of Homoeopathy regarding the treatment of any disease, but in my personal opinion, it is little short of the truth.

Some of the stalwarts may have the active opposition on my view, but after studying the complete science and practising over 20 yrs, I have the opinion that if the symptom in a case is very few or common to disease pathology, the prognosis will be quite weak.

I am an active follower of the Homoeopathy, and I believe that if a person is taking the treatment of Homoeopathy since childhood can never have a severe disorder of his complete life. Every science even allopathic system of medicine which is prevailing in the whole of the world is not perfect; same is applied to Homoeopathy and another method of drugs.

Having said that there are straightforward criteria for selection of Homoeopathic treatment that is, if the disease is occurring recurrently then Homoeopathy is the best system to be adopted for the procedure. Even in some cases which are said to be surgical can easily be cured by the Homoeopathic medicine like RENAL STONE, FIBROIDS, PROSTATE ENLARGEMENT, TONSILLITIS, ADENOIDS, DNS, PILES, FISSURE and so on.


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