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04 Aug 2015
As Modi’s government is focusing on digital media, the ministry of health is trying to organize interactive mobile applications and web portals for many of its flagship programmes for example immunization drives and mother and c... Read More
30 Jul 2015
On Wednesday, The World Health Organization asked for enhanced efforts for controlling malaria and eliminating the same by killing parasites that cause malaria. These were at one point of time believed to be less dangerous but can... Read More
28 Jul 2015
  With the easy accessibility and availability of various devices like laptops, tabs, video games, etc. children spend more time inside the room and hence are less physically activities for kids these days. Which can lead to so... Read More
28 Jul 2015
The health department launched a campaign known as ‘Intensified Diarrhea Control Fortnight’ l(IDCF) on Monday in Jaipur as they were struggling to bring down the rate of infant mortality also known (IMR). More than eleven thou... Read More
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