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Acidity is often considered a very slight discomfort. Only those who suffer from it can tell you how difficult it is to even breathe when you are suffering from acidity. If you suffer from it often too, there is no need to go pi... Read More
Is there a tingling, burning or stinging sensation in your mouth when you eat something hot or spicy? Are there small circular white patches in your mouth that hurt a lot? If yes, then you are suffering from mouth ulcers. Mouth ... Read More
Every person at some point of life goes through with the dull or sharp pain in the lower back, here you will get backache treatment. This Backache can be caused due to numbers of reasons such as injury due to the accident; heavy l... Read More
We know that after many of the infection-prone diseases, our body, as well as our immune system, become very weak. There is a continuous fall in our blood platelets, so how to increase platelets. The body needs a lot of food and d... Read More
Smile is something which defines you, and the smile is the best thing a person can have. It is the most attractive part of your body. If you want to improve your beauty by creating an attractive smile then the home remedies for ... Read More
There are various home remedies for runny nose of your child. A runny nose is an extra drainage created by nasal and adjacent tissues and blood vessels in the nose. This drainage may vary from a clear fluid to thick mucus. Runny n... Read More
In any poll of everyone’s most hated symptom, nausea would probably rank high. It can dim the joy of early pregnancy. It can make meal memorable, though undoubtedly for the wrong reason it can turn an evening of celebration in... Read More
You don’t see it, you don’t feel it and you might even be ensure of its location, but all day long your liver is working for you. It’s far more important to your overall health than you probably realize, unless y... Read More
Pregnant? Flip a coin. Head, you don’t have morning sickness, tails, you do. The odd 50-50 that you’ll experience nausea and vomiting early in your pregnancy. And despite the name, you can have morning sickness at any time ... Read More
Menopause is a condition which every women experience in its later stage of life or after 35-40 years. The term menopause is used when regular cyclic bleeding (menses) of a women tend to stop or cease. Menopause occurs when the... Read More
  Warts are uneven skin growths caused by human papillomavirus (HPV) Viruses. There are more than 60 types of HPV virus and some of them when penetrates the top layer of skin causes unusual tissue growth. This viruses are tra... Read More
Veins are the blood vessels which carry the deoxygenated blood fromperipheriesto the heart and lungs. When these deoxygenated blood carrying vessels or vein become abnormally thickened, enlarged, twisted and dilated they are kno... Read More
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