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There are many good cancer hospitals in Kangra. Click on hospitals detail for each cancer hospital Details Kangra. In this page we have listed all the Cancer Hospitals in Kangra. There are many cancer hospitals in Kangra. Find below list of cancer hospitals in Kangra.

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    0 #2 Kira Honda 2015-05-15 01:32
    I have breast cancer. A lump was found on ultrasound and lumpectomy May 1. Result of lump: insitu carcinoma, and perineural invasion. recommended: wide lumpectomy and auxillary clearance. is there a hospital in kangra which can do this? Thank you!
    -1 #1 capt p c rana 2012-04-25 05:17
    My sister 69 years old got uritery cancer treatment in Hyderabad.
    Now she is going to her Native place in Himachal Pradesh in
    Kangra . She advised to get check up every three months.
    You are request to give the contact # / address of the cancer
    hospitel in kangra
    Thank you

    Top Cancer hospitals Kangra

    Cancer is a very dangerous disease which is spreading now a days. There are many cancer clinics in Kangra. Nowadays, many cancer health care hospitals in Kangra are being established day by day. There are good doctors in these cancer hospitals in Kangra, to give high quality treatment.