Diabetes hospitals Bangalore

There are many good Diabetes hospitals in Bangalore. Click on hospitals detail for each Diabetes hospital Details Bangalore. In this page we have listed all the Diabetes Hospitals in Bangalore. There are many Diabetes hospitals in Bangalore. Find below list of Diabetes hospitals in Bangalore.
Hospital NameTypeCity
Punya HospitalPrivateBangalore
Hosmat HospitalGovernmentBangalore
G S S HospitalGovernmentBangalore
Shri Vinayaka NethralayaPrivateBangalore
The Apollo Clinic - MalleshwaramGovernmentBangalore
Wockhardt Hospital - BangaloreGovernmentBangalore
Sri Lakshmi Multi Speciality Hospital - BangaloreGovernmentBangalore
Wockhardt Hospital - Cunning Ham RoadGovernmentBangalore
Gurushree HospitalGovernmentBangalore
Harsha Hospitals - BangaloreGovernmentBangalore
Greenview Medical CentreGovernmentBangalore
Lakeside Medical Center and HospitalGovernmentBangalore
Cosmo Mutispeciality HospitalGovernmentBangalore
Fortis Hospital - BangaloreGovernmentBangalore
Chaya HospitalGovernmentBangalore
VIMS Specialty HospitalsGovernmentBangalore
India Home Health Care Pvt LtdOthersBangalore
Maharaja Agrasen HospitalGovernmentBangalore
Apollo Hospital - BangaloreGovernmentBangalore
The Apollo Clinic - BangaloreGovernmentBangalore
Sagar Apollo HospitalGovernmentBangalore
Bangalore HospitalGovernmentBangalore
Mallige Medical CentreGovernmentBangalore
Apollo Pharmacy - BangaloreGovernmentBangalore
Hitech Kidney Stone Hospital - BangaloreGovernmentBangalore
Apollo RM HospitalGovernmentBangalore
Ms Diabetes and Bp CentreOthersBangalore
Bangalore Baptist HospitalGovernmentBangalore
Chinmaya Mission HospitalGovernmentBangalore
Manjushree Multispeciality HospitalGovernmentBangalore
K C Raju Multi Specality Hospital - BangaloreGovernmentBangalore
SCT Multispeciality HospitalGovernmentBangalore
Columbia Asia Hospital - BangaloreGovernmentBangalore
K T G Chanre HospitalGovernmentBangalore
Shripad Hegde Kadave Institute of Medical SciencesGovernmentBangalore
AV Hospital - BangaloreGovernmentBangalore
Rajshekar Multi Speciality Hospital Pvt Ltd - BangaloreGovernmentBangalore
Columbia Asia Medical CenterGovernmentBangalore
Gurushree HiTec Multi Speciality HospitalGovernmentBangalore
Mallya HospitalGovernmentBangalore
Hi Tech Multi Speciality HospitalGovernmentBangalore
Pancha Multi Speciality HospitalGovernmentBangalore
Bangalore Diabetes HospitalOthersBangalore


+2 #4 Chandru Hassaram 2012-01-22 11:52
I am diabities PATIENT and would like to do the following
Hba1c, liver and gall bladder ultrasound to check for fatty liver
and gallstones,miro albunin urea,protein creatinuine ratio in urine,C-reactive protein, insulin level, cholestrol test ldl hdl and
triglycerides,dilated eye exam to check for diabetic retinopathy,
foot exam
I would like to know is there any hospital in bangalore doing these test free of charge or if they could charge cheaper rates.My contact 9980027307 chandru
-1 #3 Ananth 2011-11-25 10:00
Pls visit [censored]diabetesbangalo re.com
-1 #2 hrudaya sahoo 2011-09-06 23:16
I want to know the diabetes hospitals in Bangaluru
-1 #1 Deepti 2011-07-04 06:34
Need diabetic specialists doctors

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Top Diabetes hospitals Bangalore

All kinds of specializations are going around in these Diabetes hospitals. There are many Diabetes clinics in Bangalore. Nowadays, many Diabetes health care hospitals in Bangalore are being established day by day. There are good doctors in these Diabetes hospitals in Bangalore, to give high quality treatment. Diabetes is also called as sugar hospitals in Bangalore On this page you can see Diabetes hospital list in Bangalore.