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There are many good ENT hospitals in Coimbatore. Click on hospitals detail for each ENT hospital Details Coimbatore. In this page we have listed all the ENT Hospitals in Coimbatore. There are many ENT hospitals in Coimbatore. Find below list of ENT hospitals in Coimbatore.
Hospital NameTypeCity
Medindia Hospitals - CoimbatoreGovernmentCoimbatore
Anand HospitalsOthersCoimbatore
MCV Memorial ENT Trust HospitalOthersCoimbatore
MCV Memorial ENT HospitalGovernmentCoimbatore
Vishnu ENT HospitalOthersCoimbatore
Rao HospitalGovernmentCoimbatore
Richmond HospitalPrivateCoimbatore
Saraswathi Hospital - CoimbatoreGovernmentCoimbatore
Bethel HosptalPrivateCoimbatore
RVS HospitalPrivateCoimbatore
Vega ENT HospitalGovernmentCoimbatore
Ganga HospitalGovernmentCoimbatore
Sree Abhirami Hospitalp LimitedGovernmentCoimbatore
Sri Ramakrishna HospitalGovernmentCoimbatore
Gem HospitalGovernmentCoimbatore
Arun HospitalGovernmentCoimbatore
Vikram ENT Hospital and Research InstitvteOthersCoimbatore
Alva Hospital Private LimitedGovernmentCoimbatore
KG HospitalGovernmentCoimbatore
VG HospitalGovernmentCoimbatore
Vedanayagam Hospital Private LimitedGovernmentCoimbatore
G Kuppuswamy Naidu Memorial HospitalGovernmentCoimbatore
Kovai Medical Centre HospitalGovernmentCoimbatore
KTVR Group HospitalGovernmentCoimbatore


0 #2 Dineshkumar 2012-11-26 08:19
hi i am college student doing my final year before 3 year i have done a operation in my right ear becaause of nerve weak and in that three bones a single bone not worked after operation i had hear everything normally but now it is fully not working i want any doctors help pls i can't able to listen my lecturers notes etc...
0 #1 jayakumar 2011-05-25 12:04
i am jayakumar.....clg student......actually 4 months before my friend was blasted balloon in my ear........... that time onwards impairment of my right side ear..........namakkal all the doctors said i can't clear this problem... can i clear? please help me...............................

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ENT, the abbreviation for ears, nose and throat is a branch of medicine that specializes in the diagnosis of ear, nose, throat as well as head and neck disorders. There are many ENT clinics in Coimbatore. There are good doctors in these ENT hospitals in Coimbatore, to give high quality treatment. On this page you can see ENT hospital list in Coimbatore. You can find ENT hospital address, ENT hospital phone number etc… We have also provided best ENT hospitals in Coimbatore, from the whole ENT hospitals list in Coimbatore.