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Barley Information, Nutrients, Benefits

What Do You Wish to Know About Pearl Barley?

  • Do you know what is Barley? Yes, it is a grain that belongs to the family of grasses.
  • It is a major cereal grain that grows in temperature climates and farmers internationally grow this grain.
  • It was cultivated as early as 10,000 years ago, principally in Eurasia and so it is one of the first developed grains.
  • It was initially used as an animal fodder and as a source of fermentable material for beer and some specific distilled beverages.
  • Manufacturers use barely for making bread, and people also use it in soup-making in different cultures across the globe.
  • Food product manufacturers use barley for producing malts, and most of them use traditional preparation methods for the same.
  • In quantity produced, this grain was ranked fourth following maize, rice and wheat in the year 2014.
  • You might have heard about pearl barley. Otherwise called as pearled barley, it is nothing, but the dehulled barley that has been steam processed further for removal of the bran. Manufacturers use a process called pearling to polish and to get dehulled grain. Manufacturers also treat it for arriving at a wide range of barley products inclusive of flakes like grits, oatmeal and flour.
  • You might have seen barley seeds in stores, and you can use the grain for its medicinal values.
  • Barley grass grows in abundance on grasslands as it belongs to the grass family.
  • You might have seen barley powder in stores, and it is nothing, but barley grass powder. It is an excellent source of iron, and it is rich in Vitamin B12.
  • It brings many benefits not just to the skin, but also to the hair and overall health. People use this barley flour in cuisines, and they prepare barley dosa with the help of this powder.

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