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Corn Information, Nutrients, Benefits

Let Us Learn What Is Corn:

  • Corn popularly known as maize is a grain plant.
  • This plant is known to have its origin in Southern Mexico.
  • The seeds or kernels of this grain hold the most nutrients, and so people consume them commonly.
  • Based on the area of their growth, corn comes in different colours. The shade differs based on the field of growth and the species or variety they belong.
  • There is another variant of corn called sweet corn. It is rich in sugar content and less in starch content to regular corns.
  • Now, you know corn meaning. But, do you know that it surpasses the total rice or wheat production in many parts of the world?
  • Yes, the reason for this is that corn is the staple food in many countries.
  • Now, you know what is corn, but you might not know that not all corn produced from around the world are suitable for the human consumption.                
  • Yes, farmers use some of them for feeding animals, corn ethanol and other maize product manufacturing like corn syrup and corn starch.
  • You know what is maize, but you should know that there are different types of corns.
  • In case, you are planning to plant corn; you should know that corn plants are picky about their soil. You should let them overwinter in the land and should compost them before the fall.
  • Starting corn seed indoor is not recommended. It is better to plant the seeds outdoors a couple of weeks after the frost date in the last spring.
  • It is better to make sure that the temperature of the soil is about 60 degrees F to ensure successful germination.
  • In the case of areas with cold climate, the ground can be warmed by a black plastic cover if the need arises for the same. You should plant the seeds through holes.

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