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Wheat Information, Nutrients, Benefits

Gather Some Useful Information About Wheat:

  • Wheat is a grass that is produced mainly for its cereal grain and for its seeds.
  • The excellent thing about this grain is that it is a staple food from around the world.
  • You might know what is wheat, but do you know the scientific name of wheat? It is Triticum.
  • Studies show that farmers cultivated wheat crop in 9600 BCE.
  • Botanically, the wheat kernel is a kind of fruit, and it is known as caryopsis.
  • When consumed as whole wheat, this grain is the source of multiple dietary fibre and nutrients.
  • Now, you know the botanical name of wheat as Triticum, and with this information about wheat, you might wish to understand more about this grain that is used widely across the globe.
  • Once the user breaks the raw grain into parts, they use the outer husk or the wheat bran in many ways. They contain a whole lot of nutrients.
  • Many of us think that wheat in India is a single variety of grain. But, there are different types of wheat.
  • Farmers mostly cultivate wheat plant as a cash crop. The reason is that it produces an excellent yield for farmers.
  • With many wheat varieties available only some are converted into wheat flour that we use on a regular basis in India.
  • The wheat gluten makes some people keep away from this grain as they are allergic to gluten.
  • People these days understand that Whole wheat flour is a healthy food. Wheat seeds are also known as a healthy alternative for people with diabetes.
  • The primary objective of wheat grain breeding is to achieve high grain yield, which is followed by many farmers from around the world these days.

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