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dR arun
19 Jan, 2018

sop for hospitals  a book required for health administrators

check lists for hospitals are standard operating procedures in short

essential for mha/ mba students and health administrators

is surgical safety checklist by who useful? checklists are mnemonic of sops (standard operating procedures) of a hospital. the biggest cause of serious error in any business is a failure of communication. [the checklist  manifesto - how to get things right by atul gawande]currently, hospitals do most of the right things, on most patients, most of the time. the checklist helps us do all the right things, on all patients, all the time. checklists should not be used as a replacement for common sense, was quoted by don parcher. checklists are very useful and improve communication between persons involved in carrying out a procedure. this book is a must for all healthcare providers, hospitals, nursing homes and standalone facilities.
develop checklists; get accredited.

see you at book fair chennai & new delhi

please click on link below to purchase the book or read more about the book

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02 Jan, 2014

This is not a hospital, but a butcher shop..
There is no doctors, but money hungry vampires.

I had been there for diarrhoea, they admitted me and injected lots of medicines and done lots of test, even after 16 hours there was no progress, then they started moving me to ICU, I questioned objected them, discharged from there and went to Fortis Healthcare, Cunningham Road, the doctors and staff started laughing at me after hearing this story. Then they prescribed some medicines.

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26 Feb, 2012

Divine Specality Hospital

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13 Dec, 2011

Dear Sir/Madam
This is to inform you that Mr. Abdullah Hamad A AlSuwaidan, Saudi National is suffering from Skin Problem. He would like to go for the treatment and finds your hospital suitable. I would be happy to receive a medical professional opinion about his situation. His full medical documents/ reports are available and can be emailed to you upon request.
Thank you in advance for your attention and prompt action.
With regards,
Md. Shahzad Samdani

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