Blood Banks in India

Blood Banks

Blood is the part of life that is given to those who need it by those who have the resource to satisfy the need. The love of fellow human and a desire to share something of oneself is what singles out a blood donor from the others. Emergencies occur every minute. For each patient requiring blood, it

is an emergency and the patients could have set back if blood is not available. There is no other redeeming act than to save a human life. People may feel afraid or selfish when it comes to donating blood. But if every body thinks that way, then doctors may be unable to save so many human lives.



People who have never donated blood may themselves require blood at some point of their life. But think what will happen if every body feels unwilling to donate blood. There will be no blood available in the blood banks. So many precious lives will be wasted. It may happen to anyone, even you. So don't be afraid or selfish about donating blood. Blood is the fuel of life. In India, blood is required in every 2 seconds. More awareness should be created about blood donation so that more and more people come forward to donate blood. If human lives are wasted because of the dearth of blood in the blood banks it will be a shame to the human society. So donate blood and encourage other people as well. So whether you want to donate blood or need resources of blood for blood transfusion, search through the following sites on blood banks.


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-2 #2 Rahul 2013-12-03 11:34
I think blood report is required
+3 #1 Taniyaa 2013-08-12 21:06
I'm Taniyaa.. I'm 21 years old.. I would like to donate my blood.. Did any proof's required??. Contact me..