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There are many good Orthopedic hospitals in Kerala. Click on hospitals detail for each Orthopedic hospital Details Kerala. In this page we have listed all the Orthopedic Hospitals in Kerala. There are many Orthopedic hospitals in Kerala. Find below list of Orthopedic hospitals in Kerala.
Hospital NameFees (Rs,Lakh)TypeCity Detail
Al Shifa Hospital Private LimitedGovernmentMalappruam Detail
Al-Shifa HospitalGovernmentMalappruam Detail
Amala Cancer Hospital and Research CentreGovernmentThrissur Detail
Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences and Research CentreGovernmentCochin Detail
Ananthapuri Hospitals and Research InstituteGovernmentThiruvananthapuram Detail
Archana Hospital - PandalamGovernmentPathanamthitta Detail
Ashoka HospitalPrivateKannur Detail
Assumption HospitalGovernmentWayanad Detail
Aswini Hospitals Private LimitedPrivateThrissur Detail
Attingal Multi Speciality Hospitals LtdGovernmentCochin Detail
Baby Memorial HospitalGovernmentKozhikode Detail
Bharath Hospital - KottayamPrivateKottayam Detail
Bharath Rural Hospital and Training CentrePrivateErnakulam Detail
Bishop Benziger HospitalPrivateKollam Detail
Care Well Hospital and Research Centre Pvt LtdGovernmentKasaragod Detail
Caritas HospitalGovernmentKottayam Detail
Carmel HospitalPrivateErnakulam Detail
Chandramathy Amma Memorial HospitalGovernmentThrissur Detail
Chazhikattu Hospital Private LimitedGovernmentIdukki Detail
Chelsa Medical CareGovernmentThiruvananthapuram Detail
Cosmopolitan HospitalGovernmentTrivandrum Detail
Credence HospitalGovernmentThiruvananthapuram Detail
Daya Hospital - TanurGovernmentMalappruam Detail
Deepa Nursing Home - KasaragodGovernmentKasaragod Detail
Deva Matha HospitalGovernmentErnakulam Detail
Devi Hospital Private LimitedPrivateErnakulam Detail
Dhanya Mission HospitalGovernmentThrissur Detail
Dr Nairs HospitalPrivateKollam Detail
Dr S M C S I Medical College HospitalGovernmentTrivandrum Detail
Elite Mission HospitalGovernmentTrichur Detail
Ernakulam Medical CentreGovernmentCochin Detail
Fathima HospitalPrivateKozhikode Detail
G G HospitalGovernmentThiruvananthapuram Detail
Gautham HospitalGovernmentCochin Detail
Holy Cross Hospital - KodancheryGovernmentKozhikode Detail
Holy Cross Hospital - KollamGovernmentKollam Detail
IARAA HospitalGovernmentKozhikode Detail
Indiragandhi Co Operative HospitalPrivateKannur Detail
Jishy HospitalPrivateCochin Detail
Jnm Lakshmi HospitalGovernmentErnakulam Detail
Josco Multi-Speciality HospitalGovernmentPalakkad Detail
Jubilee Memorial HospitalGovernmentThiruvananthapuram Detail
K G Hospital - AngamalyGovernmentErnakulam Detail
K V M HospitalGovernmentAlappuzha Detail
Kanjangad Nursing HomePrivateKasaragod Detail
Kasaragod Institute of Medical SciencesPrivateKasaragod Detail
Kasaragod Institute of Medical SciencesGovernmentKasaragod Detail
Kerala Institute of Medical SciencesGovernmentThiruvananthapuram Detail
Korambayil Hospital and Diagnostic Centre Private LimitedPrivateMalappruam Detail
Korambayil Hospital and Diagnostic Centre Private LimitedGovernmentMalappruam Detail


0 #1 herman zachary 2012-05-07 15:00
3yrs ago i had a car accident and broke my right ankle.i got bone infection at talus and after 5 surgeries they removed the piece of talus that was totally damaged.my last surgery was mid november 2011 and they also took some samples of the pass and culture results suggests that i use either argumentin,saphrocoxacine or gentamycin.they gave me saphro and gentamycin together,but still pass is coming out and the wounds are not healed.
I am also diabetic,sometimes i use Gemer2 pills,sometimes i control it by dieting.
Dr is thinking of removing the whole talus and fuse the ankle joint.
Some people told me about orthopaedic hospitals in India and i would like to know how much it will cost for surgery,bed,meals,medicin es etc so i can see if i can raise that money and come over.
The ankle joint is stiff and cant move up nor down,am dressing wounds everyday and mostly the pain is too much.after every 4hrs i must take 2 pills of diclopar
please reply as soon as you receive this mail

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All kinds of specializations are going around in these Orthopedic hospitals. There are many Orthopedic clinics in Kerala. Nowadays, many Orthopedic health care hospitals in Kerala are being established day by day. There are good doctors in these Orthopedic hospitals in Kerala, to give high quality treatment. We have also provided best Orthopedic hospitals in Kerala, from the whole Orthopedic hospitals list in Kerala.