Private hospitals Ludhiana

There are many good private hospitals in Ludhiana. Click on hospitals detail for each hospital Details Ludhiana. In this page we have listed all the Private Hospitals in Ludhiana. There are many private hospitals in Ludhiana. Find below list of private hospitals in Ludhiana.
Hospital NameTypeCity
Vidya Memorial Kanwal HospitalPrivateLudhiana
Preet Hospital Pvt LtdOthersLudhiana
Kohli Hospital - LudhianaOthersLudhiana
Life Line Hospital - LudhianaOthersLudhiana
AIMC BASSI HospitalGovernmentLudhiana
Dr Rama Sofat HospitalOthersLudhiana
Khosla Stone Kidney and Surgical CentreOthersLudhiana
Pal Nursing HomeOthersLudhiana
Raman HospitalOthersLudhiana
Sadana Nursing HomeOthersLudhiana
Mittal Nursing Home and Trauma Centre Private LimitedOthersLudhiana
S A S Grewal Memorial Multispeciality HospitalGovernmentLudhiana
Om Eye and Maternity HospitalOthersLudhiana
Kulwant Heart HospitalOthersLudhiana
Vidya Memorial Kanvel HospitalOthersLudhiana
Avasthi Bone and Joint Clinic and HospitalOthersLudhiana
Avasthi Bone and Joint Clinic HospitalPrivateLudhiana
Rimal HospitalPrivateLudhiana
Sekhon Hospital - LudhianaGovernmentLudhiana
Arora Neuro Centre Private LimitedPrivateLudhiana
AIMC Bassi HospitalPrivateLudhiana
Seth HospitalPrivateLudhiana
Seth Hospital - LudhianaOthersLudhiana
Hope HospitalsPrivateLudhiana
Puri Nursing HomeOthersLudhiana
Sigma New Life HospitalPrivateLudhiana
Sigma New Life HospitalOthersLudhiana
Rapid Diagnostic Lab and ClinicOthersLudhiana
Dr Rama Sofat HospitalPrivateLudhiana
Deep Hospital and Children HospitalPrivateLudhiana
Deep Nursing Home and Children HospitalOthersLudhiana
R G Stone and Superspeciality HospitalPrivateLudhiana
RG Stone and Super Speciality HospitalOthersLudhiana
Sahara HospitalPrivateLudhiana
Sahara Hospital - LudhianaOthersLudhiana
Suman HospitalPrivateLudhiana
Suman Hospital - LudhianaGovernmentLudhiana
Hunjan Bone and Joint HospitalOthersLudhiana
Gulati ENT and Allergy HospitalPrivateLudhiana
Gulati ENT HospitalOthersLudhiana
Pasricha HospitalPrivateLudhiana
Preet Hospital Private LimitedPrivateLudhiana
Chug Eye Surgery CenterOthersLudhiana
Drrameshs Superspeciality Eye and Laser CentreOthersLudhiana
Bawa Hospital Private LimitedPrivateLudhiana
Dhami Eye Care HospitalOthersLudhiana
Dhami Eye-Care HospitalOthersLudhiana
Godra Dental and Implant ClinicOthersLudhiana
SAS Grewai Multispeciality Hospital - LudhianaGovernmentLudhiana
Dr Kala Nursing HomePrivateLudhiana


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Top Private hospitals Ludhiana

Though there are public hospitals, many people go to private hospital only. Though the fee charged by these private clinics in Ludhiana is high, people prefer these only due to their reputation. Nowadays, many private health care hospitals in Ludhiana are being established day by day. There are good private doctors in these private hospitals in Ludhiana, to give high quality treatment through private health treatment.