Private hospitals Mohali

There are many good private hospitals in Mohali. Click on hospitals detail for each hospital Details Mohali. In this page we have listed all the Private Hospitals in Mohali. There are many private hospitals in Mohali. Find below list of private hospitals in Mohali.
Hospital NameTypeCity
Chawla Nursing Home and HospitalOthersMohali
Dr Sodhis Health Care Multispeciality Hospital- MohaliGovernmentMohali
Liberty HospitalPrivateMohali
JP Eye HospitalPrivateMohali
J P Eye Hospital - MohaliOthersMohali
Liberty Hospital - MohaliOthersMohali
Harmony HealthcareOthersMohali
JP Hospital - ZirakpurOthersMohali
Gupta HospitalPrivateMohali
Gupta Hospital - KuraliPrivateMohali
Gupta Hospital - KuraliOthersMohali
Sri Ram HospitalPrivateMohali
Chawla Nursing Home and HospitalPrivateMohali
Chawla HospitalOthersMohali
Sri Ram Hospital - MohaliOthersMohali
Indus Superspeciality HospitalPrivateMohali
Silver Oaks Hospital - MohaliOthersMohali
Cheema Medical ComplexOthersMohali
Silver Oaks HospitalPrivateMohali
Dr Sodhi s Health CarePrivateMohali
Cheema Medical ComplexPrivateMohali
Behgal Hospital - MohaliOthersMohali
Adityaj HospitalOthersMohali
Dr Sodhis Health CareOthersMohali
Charak Child CarePrivateMohali
Charak Eye HospitalPrivateMohali
Charak Eye HospitalPrivateMohali
B K Aikat Mem Labs and Diagnostic CenterOthersMohali
Apex Hospital - MohaliOthersMohali
Charak ClinicsOthersMohali
Indus HospitalPrivateMohali
Indus Hospital - MohaliOthersMohali
Adityaj HospitalPrivateMohali
Aditaj Hospital and LaboratrayOthersMohali
Cosmo HospitalPrivateMohali
Prime Heart and Vascular InstitutePrivateMohali
Ivy Multispeciality Hospital and Cancer Research InstitutePrivateMohali
Grecian Super Speciality HospitalPrivateMohali
Amar HospitalPrivateMohali
Amar Hospital - MohaliOthersMohali
IVY Hospital - MohaliOthersMohali
Fortis Hospital - MohaliOthersMohali
Cosmo Medicals Pvt LtdOthersMohali
Fortis Mohali - MohaliOthersMohali
Cosmo HospitalOthersMohali
Grecian Super Speciality HospitalOthersMohali
IVY Health and Life Science Pvt LtdOthersMohali
Fortis Heart InstituteOthersMohali
Fortis Health Care Limited MohaliPrivateMohali
Shivalik Hospital and Trauma CentreOthersMohali


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Top Private hospitals Mohali

Though there are public hospitals, many people go to private hospital only. Though the fee charged by these private clinics in Mohali is high, people prefer these only due to their reputation. Nowadays, many private health care hospitals in Mohali are being established day by day. There are good private doctors in these private hospitals in Mohali, to give high quality treatment through private health treatment.