Private hospitals Patiala(Punjab)

There are many good private hospitals in Patiala(Punjab). Click on hospitals detail for each hospital Details Patiala(Punjab). In this page we have listed all the Private Hospitals in Patiala(Punjab). There are many private hospitals in Patiala(Punjab). Find below list of private hospitals in Patiala(Punjab).
Hospital NameTypeCity
Guru Nanak Mehar Hans Eye hospital And Laser CentrePrivatePatiala(Punjab)
Toor Homoeopathic ClinicPrivatePatiala(Punjab)
Neelam Hospital and Maternity HomePrivatePatiala(Punjab)
Anna Child CarePrivatePatiala(Punjab)
Dhaliwal Children HospitalPrivatePatiala(Punjab)
Garg Skin and V D ClinicPrivatePatiala(Punjab)
City Mental Health ClinicPrivatePatiala(Punjab)
Grover Nursing homePrivatePatiala(Punjab)
Simrita Nursing and Maternity HomeOthersPatiala(Punjab)
Simrita Nursing And Maternity HomePrivatePatiala(Punjab)
Vohra HospitalPrivatePatiala(Punjab)
Satyadeep Dental ClinicPrivatePatiala(Punjab)
Shivam Dental ClinicPrivatePatiala(Punjab)
Pal Urology and Stone CentrePrivatePatiala(Punjab)
Mata Ganga HospitalPrivatePatiala(Punjab)
Smt Kaushalya Devi DispensaryPrivatePatiala(Punjab)
Grewal Homoeopathic ClinicPrivatePatiala(Punjab)
Sehat MedicarePrivatePatiala(Punjab)
Sehat MedicarePrivatePatiala(Punjab)
Dang HospitalPrivatePatiala(Punjab)
Bindi Nursing HomePrivatePatiala(Punjab)
D H M S Health Care Homoeo ClinicPrivatePatiala(Punjab)
Sanjeevani Nursing HomePrivatePatiala(Punjab)
Neelam Hospital and Maternity HomeOthersPatiala(Punjab)
Gulati Ortho and General HospitalPrivatePatiala(Punjab)
Amarinder HospitalPrivatePatiala(Punjab)
Anuradha Gyn CentrePrivatePatiala(Punjab)
Duggal Dental ClinicPrivatePatiala(Punjab)
Patiala Heart Institute - PatialaOthersPatiala(Punjab)
Sharma Eye HospitalPrivatePatiala(Punjab)
Batra ClinicPrivatePatiala(Punjab)
Anand ClinicPrivatePatiala(Punjab)
Verma Homoeo ClinicPrivatePatiala(Punjab)
Amandeep ClinicPrivatePatiala(Punjab)
Dhir Homoeo Health Care CentrePrivatePatiala(Punjab)
Patiala HospitalPrivatePatiala(Punjab)
Aggarsan HospitalPrivatePatiala(Punjab)
Baba Farid Dental ClinicPrivatePatiala(Punjab)
Aastha ClinicPrivatePatiala(Punjab)
Ranjit Maternity ClinicPrivatePatiala(Punjab)
Thind Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery CentrePrivatePatiala(Punjab)
CD Nursing HomePrivatePatiala(Punjab)
Thind Homoeo HomePrivatePatiala(Punjab)
Children Hospital and Reasearch CentreOthersPatiala(Punjab)
Sandhu Chest HospitalOthersPatiala(Punjab)
New Patiala HospitalPrivatePatiala(Punjab)
Sachdev HospitalPrivatePatiala(Punjab)
Mahesh Hospital - RajpuraOthersPatiala(Punjab)
Preet HospitalPrivatePatiala(Punjab)
Columbia Asia Hospital - PatialaOthersPatiala(Punjab)


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Top Private hospitals Patiala(Punjab)

Though there are public hospitals, many people go to private hospital only. Though the fee charged by these private clinics in Patiala(Punjab) is high, people prefer these only due to their reputation. Nowadays, many private health care hospitals in Patiala(Punjab) are being established day by day. There are good private doctors in these private hospitals in Patiala(Punjab), to give high quality treatment through private health treatment.