Private hospitals Punjab

There are many good private hospitals in Punjab. Click on hospitals detail for each hospital Details Punjab. In this page we have listed all the Private Hospitals in Punjab. There are many private hospitals in Punjab. Find below list of private hospitals in Punjab.
Hospital NameTypeCity
Yadvindra Nursing HomePrivatePatiala(Punjab)
Waryam HospitalPrivateAmritsar
Vohra HospitalPrivatePatiala(Punjab)
Virk Hospital - KapurthalaPrivateKapurthala
Virk HospitalPrivateJalandhar
Virdi Eye HospitalOthersKapurthala
Vikram HospitalPrivateJalandhar
Vikas ClinicPrivatePatiala(Punjab)
Vidya Memorial Kanwal HospitalPrivateLudhiana
Vidya Memorial Kanvel HospitalOthersLudhiana
Vidhya HospitalPrivateJalandhar
Verma Hospital and Saraswathi Laser Surgery CentreOthersJalandhar
Verma Homoeo ClinicPrivatePatiala(Punjab)
Usha Mission HospitalOthersBhatinda
Usha Bansal Nursing homePrivateMuktsar
Uppal Neuro Hospital and Super Speciality CentrePrivateAmritsar
Uppal Neuro HospitalOthersAmritsar
United Medical and Heart CentrePrivateAmritsar
Toor HospitalPrivateLudhiana
Toor HospitalOthersLudhiana
Toor Homoeopathic ClinicPrivatePatiala(Punjab)
Tilak Hospital - PathankotOthersPatiala(Punjab)
Thind Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery CentrePrivatePatiala(Punjab)
Thind HospitalPrivateKapurthala
Thind Homoeo HomePrivatePatiala(Punjab)
Thind Eye HospitalPrivateJalandhar
The Apollo Clinic - BhatindaGovernmentBhatinda
Thapar Cardiac Care CentrePrivateMoga
Tarlok HospitalPrivateFirozpur
Talwar HospitalPrivateJalandhar
Tagore Hospital and Heart Care CentrePrivateJalandhar
Tagore Hospital and Heart Care CentreOthersJalandhar
Swami Vivekanand Eye HospitalOthersLudhiana
Swami Satyanand HospitalPrivateJalandhar
Swami Satyanand HospitalOthersJalandhar
Sutlej hospitalPrivateKapurthala
Surya Medical Research Centre Pvt LtdOthersBhatinda
Surya HospitalPrivateMansa
Surjit HospitalPrivateAmritsar
Suraj Nursing HomePrivatePatiala(Punjab)
Super Religare Laboratories - AmritsarOthersAmritsar
Sunny Maternity and Nursing HomeOthersChandigarh
Suman Hospital and Maternity HomePrivateKapurthala
Suman Hospital - LudhianaGovernmentLudhiana
Suman HospitalPrivateLudhiana
Sukhnandan HospitalPrivateKapurthala
Sukhbir HospitalPrivateAmritsar
Sukh Sadan Hospital and Trauma CentreOthersPatiala(Punjab)
Sudan HospitalOthersFatehgarh Sahib
Sri Ram Hospital - MohaliOthersMohali


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Top Private hospitals Punjab

Though there are public hospitals, many people go to private hospital only. Though the fee charged by these private clinics in Punjab is high, people prefer these only due to their reputation. Nowadays, many private health care hospitals in Punjab are being established day by day. There are good private doctors in these private hospitals in Punjab, to give high quality treatment through private health treatment.