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There are many good Psychiatric hospitals in Cuttack. Click on hospitals detail for each Psychiatric hospital Details Cuttack. In this page we have listed all the Psychiatric Hospitals in Cuttack. There are many Psychiatric hospitals in Cuttack. Find below list of Psychiatric hospitals in Cuttack.

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0 #18 sunil 2015-04-08 15:30
Mere mom ko30 saal pehele headach problem horaha tha.phir bich mein kavi kavi hotaraheta tha.avi aag ke date mein kavi lagatar to kavi 5 din ko ek bar to kavi 15 din mein hota hai.jab headach hota hai tab uske saath neack mein pain aur ulty hota hai.pleas ask what so do
0 #17 ayesha 2015-03-07 12:46
Please help me. I dont want stay in life..i want suicide and end myself
0 #16 ayesha 2015-03-07 12:43
I am ayesha(ashis).i dont know who am i ?boy or girl.it is the cause of depression for me?
0 #15 santosh 2015-03-06 09:40
My bro. Who is speaking to him self and not talking to anybady a single person. Is it a mental issue.
+1 #14 Shubh 2014-02-05 17:03
I have some psycological problems. And want an appointment. So please provide the phone number of the clinic.
+1 #13 bandadhara 2012-12-06 18:44
there is one gud hospital in bhubanesar d33 bjb nagar bhubaneswar
0 #12 nagesh 2012-04-08 15:21
my mother suffering from syzhophernia from her childhood.she is been diagonized for this disease frrom last 30 yrsbut no result.
she says she is been hearing voices,unable to do basic thingsof her daily life,needs assistance, facing problems every day.
plz help us as we are notgetting any resolution from this situation...............
+1 #11 Aparupa 2012-03-25 09:21
I'm 29 yrs old. Married for 6 yrs. I hv a daughter aged 18 months.
I hv dated my husband for 7 yrs then we got married.
Everything is ok till my delivery. But after that he is ignoring me.
And i'm hving mood swing and getting irritated in every siruation.
I'm trying to control my self but due to his ignorance i'm just freaking.
I can't handle it anymore. I just want to go where nobody knows me.
Just bcoz of my daughter i can't do that also.
If this will continue then i don't know what i'll do wid myself.

Please help me and guide me.

I can't tell my parent or any other person.
-1 #10 Suchismita Sahoo 2011-05-31 14:12
I want to know more about psychiatric hospital and whether there are any scope for M.A. psychology students..
0 #9 Dr.D 2011-05-18 08:12
i want the address of therapis
+1 #8 Pretty Flower 2011-05-11 09:56
@ Kali,

Please take your father to

Mental Health Institute,
S. C.B. Medical College Hospital,
CUTTACK- 753071
+1 #7 kali prasad mishra 2011-05-08 11:36
My father doubt on my mother .My father is mental patient he was getting shock treatment at the age of 30 from doctor Bimbadhar Dash .But now a days this mental dis order going more and more.Give me a suggestion.Is he correct in hypnotism.
0 #6 Pretty Flower 2011-04-18 09:09
@ Laltendu,

We cant guarantee if patients will be completely cured
But we should always follow doctor's medicines
You try admitting him
-2 #5 lalatendu pattanaik 2011-04-05 18:30
my uncle is suffering from schizophrenia since 12 years.his doctor expired since 2 years.now he is out of order.no mediaction is given now.where can i get him admitted ?is there any chance of complete recovery?plz advise and also give ur contact num.plz hwelp
0 #4 Pretty Flower 2011-01-18 13:58
NLP stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming, a slightly clumsy term on first appearance, but quite apt. Think of it like this. Neuro = your brain and nervous system. Linguistic = all forms of non verbal and verbal communication including 'talking to yourself'. Programming = how you have learned to behave. Effectively, during the session, we work with how your thinking creates your feelings, because it is your feelings which then influence what you are, or are not, capable of doing.

There are some psychiatrists who are well famous in this field
0 #3 manisha 2011-01-14 06:35
what is nlp treatment.
can any psychaitrist properly do it?
+1 #2 Pretty Flower 2010-11-18 04:45
Mental Health Institute,
S. C.B. Medical College Hospital,
CUTTACK- 753071
-1 #1 Uttam Mitra 2010-11-14 15:38
I want to know whether there are any mental hospital in Cuttack and Bhubaneswar. I am not asking about clinics, but hospitals, where the patient can be admitted.

Please let me know if there are any such hospitals.

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All kinds of specializations are going around in these Psychiatric hospitals. There are many Psychiatric clinics in Cuttack. Nowadays, many Psychiatric health care hospitals in Cuttack are being established day by day. There are good doctors in these Psychiatric hospitals in Cuttack, to give high quality treatment. These Psychiatric hospitals are also called as mental hospitals. On this page you can see Psychiatric hospital list in Cuttack.