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Everything You Wanted to Know About Chickpeas:

  • If you are like any other person asking, what is chickpeas, you should know that it is the round yellowish edible seed. However, it is available in different colours as well.
  • Many people use this seed as a pulse, and you might have seen it several times, but you might not know they are chickpeas.
  • It comes from the old world plant of the pea family.
  • It is known by other names like Egyptian peas, garbanzo beans, and garbanzo and also as Bengal gram.
  • The excellent thing about this pea is that it is rich in protein.
  • It is one of the earliest cultivated legumes as experts found the remains in the middle-east from nearly 7500 years ago.
  • People take Roasted chickpeas as a snack, and it is a healthy food as well.
  • You can see black chickpeas as the most common variants to yellow ones.
  • When you taste both yellow and black variants, you will see that the yellow alternative has a better taste as compared to the black ones.
  • We use chana dal in our day-to-day cooking, and this is the split variant of the chickpeas.
  • Even there are some variants of chickpeas that are popped and consumed like popcorn.
  • The chickpeas plant grows to 20-50 cms or 8-20 inches height. They will have feathery and small leaves on either side of the stem.
  • Chickpea is a kind of pulse with a single seedpod that contains a couple of peas.
  • The plant flower in white with pink, violet or blue veins.
  • These peas are germinated to make them, even more, protein-rich foods.
  • The germination can be done quickly in the home to get the best benefits from Bengal gram.


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