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Know How to Eat Fenugreek Seeds:

  • Many of us use fenugreek seeds in our day-to-day cuisines. But, some people have doubt, how to eat fenugreek seeds. With its bitter taste, these seeds can bring many benefits. To make them soft for consumption, you can soak them overnight.
  • Another way to eat fenugreek seeds is to dry roast them over medium-high heat in an empty pan for about one to two minutes. You should grind the dry-roasted fenugreek seeds into powdered form.
  • You can add this fenugreek powder as a flavour to all dishes. But, make sure that you do not add too much methi powder as it can turn the taste of your dish slightly bitter.
  • Many of us have the question what is fenugreek seeds? These are seeds obtained from the fenugreek plants. You might have consumed methi leaves like lettuce. These fenugreek leaves come from the fenugreek plant called methi, which is nothing, but the term used to denote fenugreek in Hindi.
  • Do you know how do farmers get methi seeds? They harvest the seeds from the methi plant. To get the seeds, you should not remove the lettuce. You should leave the herb to grow, and you should let the shrub to die on their own.
  • Once they die, you should carefully get the pods from the ground, and when you break open the pods, you will see the seeds lined up in the pods naturally.
  • Due to the benefits of methi, fenugreek oil is available as an essential oil these days.
  • Even, some people, who are not in a position to consume the fenugreek tea due to its bitter taste, can take fenugreek capsules to get the entire benefits that this plant and its seeds bring to the humans.
  • It is an aromatic spice, but some people do not like its aroma.

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