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Everything You Wanted to Know About Tamarind Fruit:

  • Tamarind is a part of the day-to-day cuisine in South India.
  • In fact, people in this part of India add tamarind to their gravies and also to their soups to get the tangy taste in these dishes.
  • If you ask what is tamarindo, you might be surprised to know that it is a spice produced by the tamarind tree that grows from a tamarind plant.
  • This tree produces tamarind fruits that look like pods. These pods contain a pulp that is eatable. People use the mash alone in cuisines not just in South India, but from around the world.
  • This flesh of tamarind in addition to being used in cooking is also in metal polish and traditional medicine.
  • The sour tamarind taste makes it an essential addition to dishes without asking what is tamarind.
  • However, people use tamarind extract after soaking the pulp for sometimes in the water in cooking. In fact, the extract is diluted and is converted into tamarind water to lessen the sour taste.
  • In fact, in South Indian cuisines, cooks use extracted tamarind concentrate.
  • Tamarind spice is highly familiar around the world, and you can understand the same from the fact that manufacturers export Tamarindo candy to other parts of the world from Mexico.
  • You might have seen tamarind seed inside the tamarind pulp. Manufacturers get tamarind seed oil from this seed.
  • When talking about Tamarind flavour most of us remind of the sour taste, but it has other flavours like sweet and a fruity aroma as well.
  • When it comes to tamarind NYC, there is an Indian Restaurant in NYC in the name of Tamarind Tribeca.
  • If you still have a shadow of doubt on what does tamarind taste like, you can just compare the sour taste with that of the taste of lemon extract.
  • Tamarind powder is also available on the market. Manufacturers get it from dehydrated, dried tamarind and ground tamarind.
  • The sweet tamarind taste along with the sourness adds an excellent flavour to dishes prepared with this spice.

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