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Top Cancer Hospitals in India

Jogging is proven to be a very good exercise regime. But there are many people who jog during summers but avoid the same during winters. Exercise is a regular regime that needs to be followed all through the year irrespective of the season or clima...
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Q.1 Why should I opt for Ayurveda for my health issues, while there are other systems that provide quick healing? In the case of other systems of medicines, the disease alone is treated. But, in Ayurveda, a holistic approach of medicine is followed,...
Updated on: 02 Dec 2016
Updated on: 29 Apr 2016
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Beauty holds great importance in everybody’s life. People, men and women alike, go to great lengths to take care of their skin, hair and looks to look presentable at all times. To cash-in our love for beautiful skin, many cosmetic companies have ...
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Baldheaded ness which can also be termed as alopecia or hairlessness is usually seen mostly in men than females. Let's discuss the causes and cures for baldness. It’s one of the causes comprises of genetic issues whose impact is seen during growing...
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Melanoma is one type of skin cancer. The first melanoma symptoms often are the development of a new pigmented or unusual-looking growth on your skin and a change in an existing mole. The skin is an organ that covers the outside part of the human bo...
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How you prevent heart attack

We all are aware about heart attack, just need to be aware of prevention and cause of heart attack. It occurs due to making of plaques in coronary arteries stop. Plaques-It is a waxy substance which takes ...