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Is there a tingling, burning or stinging sensation in your mouth when you eat something hot or spicy? Are there small circular white patches in your mouth that hurt a lot? If yes, then you are suffering from mouth ulcers... Read More
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Q.1 Why should I opt for Ayurveda for my health issues, while there are other systems that provide quick healing? In the case of other systems of medicines, the disease alone is treated. But, in Ayurveda, a holistic app... Read More
Q.1 I know that Root Canal Therapy is a dental therapy. But, what is it actually? Ans. If your dentist finds that the root or nerve of one of your tooth is inflamed or infected, he/she might suggest root canal therapy, ... Read More
Ques. 1 What are the causes of Abortion? What are the types of Abortion ? What are the Complications of Abortion? Ans.          This is the termination of pregnancy before 28... Read More
Ayurvedic herbs play an essential role in the old system of healing; these are used as dietary supplements. Nowadays popularity of Ayurveda is growing. There are many useful ayurvedic herbs about which people should get ... Read More
It is estimated that three million people in the United Kingdom have osteoporosis. The disease effects one in three women, and at least one in twelve men. Every three minutes someone has a fracture as a result of this di... Read More
The most common aspect of age related disorders are memory loss. Memory loss is all about the deficiency or reduction of “neurotransmitters” a brains chemical messenger. Although this deficiency may be years in the m... Read More
Babies who are below the age of 1 are expected to the Inactivated Poliomyelitis Vaccine, commonly known as IPV from October. The method to give this vaccine is Intramuscular injection. Moreover, the currently used OPV al... Read More
As Modi’s government is focusing on digital media, the ministry of health is trying to organize interactive mobile applications and web portals for many of its flagship programmes for example immunization drives and mo... Read More
On Wednesday, The World Health Organization asked for enhanced efforts for controlling malaria and eliminating the same by killing parasites that cause malaria. These were at one point of time believed to be less dangero... Read More
Perceived paucity is the most commonly seen in the populaces who are rendered to sturdy chemicals or else enduring chemotherapy! It can also be initiated in populaces bearing particular neuro-disintegrating disorders and... Read More
Jaundice is viruses caused disease. When some viruses are present in the liver our liver work abnormally. Patient skin is turned to yellow. Anger pigment in the liver leads to a problem of jaundice. Jaundice is also know... Read More
All crucial oils play an imperative role in our day-to-day lives. These oils have been in use for decades or even centuries as medications for a range of disorders. These have a numerous curative utilization which compri... Read More