Allergies And Ayurveda

Allergies And Ayurveda

Allergies And Ayurveda

Allergies are debilitating and they cause different irritating issues like skin irritation, watery nose and even asthma. For people with allergies, asthma and even inhaling and exhaling difficulties can crop up. In addition to pains caused by them, they can also lead to irregular heart beat and gastrointestinal issues as well. There are higher chances of the entire system getting affected.

When do allergies occur?

Ayurveda states that allergies can occur when the highly sensitive immune system reacts to uncommon substances known as allergens. In some people, allergies occur due to genetic reasons while for some it can occur on its own on any period in life. A person can become allergic to different things like parasites, animal hair, dust, food, chemical toxins and pollen.

What does ayurveda state?

As per Ayurveda, Ama, which is nothing, but the undigested toxins and low immunity are the important cause behind allergies. These undigested toxins can settle either at the digestive level or in different tissues with varied symptoms at each level. Due to improper digestion, these toxic substances are carried through the various channels to the tissues of the human body. This results in gathering of toxins, which in turn causes imbalance in tissues. Ama can increase the kapha and pitta level in the human body and the resulting symptoms may differ. Here are different home remedies as per ayurveda for allergy caused due to pitta disorder:

Pitta Allergy: For allergy caused due to increase in pitta level, ayurveda states that the following home remedy can be effective:

Take an Indian gooseberry fruit and boil it in water and then the boiled water when consumed can provide an excellent remedy. During allergic season, the Indian gooseberry is capable of providing great relief to pitta disorder mainly because of its laxative property.

You can take a quarter cup of warm milk and add half a spoon of turmeric powder and this drink can be beneficial.

Breathing coconut oil in each nostril two times a day can provide the best relief.

Drinking neem leaf tea for thrice or four times a day can prove to be beneficial.

In addition, it is important to follow an anti-inflammatory diet that will soothe the pitta disorder. It is better to avoid, alcohol, caffeine, egg yolks, red meat, garlic, onion, spicy and processed foods, fried foods and chillies.

A pitta allergy generally shows itself through itchy and swollen nose and sore red eyes. The patient will have extreme irritability and there may be low fever as well. When the individual is opened up to sunlight, sneezing attacks can set off. When it comes to reasons behind pitta allergies, citrus blossoms are considered to be the important problem creators.

Other types of allergies:

According to ayurveda, there are other two types of allergies, namely; vata allergy and kapha allergy as well. Kapha allergy can show up with dull and heavy feeling in the head, lethargy, drowsiness. Allergens related to dampness like moulds can set off this allergy. The other type is vata allergy and this is caused due to dry dust, wherein the throat may become dry.

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