An Ayurvedic Overview Of Milk and Milk Products

An Ayurvedic Overview Of Milk and Milk Products

An Ayurvedic Overview Of Milk and Milk Products

A recent study suggested that milk is beneficial only for children. This is why many adults have a wide range of questions about milk and milk products and their health benefits. As many debates are still going on with respect to the benefits of milk, it is better to have a look at how ayurveda looks at these products.

Milk according to ayurveda:

Ayurveda suggest that people should include milk as an important part of their diet. There is a section called Ksheer Varga, which is a section in the Astang Sangraha, an ancient text of ayurveda, wherein the details about milk and milk products has been rightly explained.

Qualities of milk as per ayurveda:

Milk comes under the category of sweet taste and so it is brought under rasa category in ayurveda

There are 7 dhatus (tissues) in the human body and ayurveda states that milk can provide ojas, which is the important part of tissues.

Milk can bring down pitta and vata doshas, but it will increase the kapha dosha.

As it is considered to have aphrodisiac properties, it will strengthen the reproductive organs in men and women.

It is stated to be heavier and so it should be taken as a hot beverage alone and not as a cold beverage as per ayurveda. It should be taken only after boiling in a hot or warm state.

It will bring cooling effect on the human body.

Cow’s milk is the best as stated by Ayurveda among the 8 different types of milks. This is because of the rejuvenating property of cow’s milk. It can strength different tissues and can boost immunity. It can also play a major role towards improving memory as well. The human body can easily absorb it. This is stated as the ideal drink for lactating mothers.

Qualities of yogurt:

This is milk product with sour taste

It is heating in nature and it is heavy to digest

As it has the ability to bind, it is added as an important medicine for diarrhea in ayurveda.

Yogurt should be avoided in spring and winter seasons

It is suggested that yogurt can be taken along with honey, amla and lentils

It can bring down vata, but can increase pitta and kapha doshas

It can increase the blood and reproductive fluids in the human body.

Yogurt prepared from skimmed milk can be ideal for curing flatulence and indigestion.

What should not be done with yogurt?

Yogurt should never be warmed

It is recommended by ayurveda that yogurt should not be consumed on a daily basis as it can block the circulatory channels.

It should never be consumed at night or for dinner

Qualities of butter:

Ayurveda recommends that fresh homemade butter is ideal for health. Fresh butter will have three different tastes; namely sweet, sour and bitter. It can cure skin disorders caused due to blood impurities. It can ensure reproductive health and can strengthen immune system both in men and women as per ayurveda.

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