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Attack Ama Before It Attacks Your Body - Ayurveda Suggests

If you have been following ayurveda for long, you might have come across the term ‘ama’. Even though, there is no direct correlation in modern science with ama, ayurvedic practitioners are of the opinion that it can be rightly equated to the harmful toxins present in the human body.

What is Ama?

Ayurveda states that it is the left-behind of undigested or partially digested food. Professionals in this field are of the opinion that it is caused due to poor digestive fire called as jatharagni. This residue has the ability to ferment, sit around the body and it can cause disease as well. Ayurvedic health care providers state that this is the early manifestation of the disease presence in the body. This is why it is recommended that controlling ama is highly important for ensuring health. To deal with this problem, the first step is to understand the actual reason behind it.

What causes ama?

Even though, poor digestion is stated as the important reason behind ama, there are several other reasons as well associated with the production of ama. Some of these reasons include:

Low digestive fire: The digestive fire in the body performs the task of food digestion. Low digestive fire is termed as ‘agnimandya’ in ayurveda and when this happens, the foods consumed are not properly digested, thereby creating toxins. When these toxins remain in the intestines on a long-term basis, they become fermented, thereby creating health issues.

Waste accumulation: This condition, which is stated as mala sanchaya is another contributing factor towards ama. When energy and heat are liberated by the body, the tissues get disintegrated and some minute waste products are produced during this process. Even though, the existence of waste is essential for the body, it can also remain up to a certain limit and excess waste is let out. When this letting out process is not up to the optimum, it will lead to waste accumulation, thereby forming ama.

Low tissue fire: Ayurveda states that tissue fire plays a major role towards tissue formation from the nutrient plasma. When there is a reduction in this fire, the tissue formation remains incomplete, thereby producing ama.

Bacterial toxins: This is another contributing factor behind ama. This happens when there is infection in the body caused due to bacteria or virus. This leads to toxin liberation in the body.

Controlling ama with ayurveda:

The unfortunate thing is that ama cannot be biologically removed from the body. The reason behind this is that there is no way in the body to let out the ama. However, ayurveda suggests many ways for body detoxification and for controlling the production of ama.

• Panchakarma is stated as one such technique

• Another method is to follow a healthy lifestyle with the ideal diet.

• It is also suggested that certain herbal medications for strengthening the digestive fire will bring down ama formation and can cleanse the body channels.

Ayurveda states that when the channels in the body are clear and clean, the agni can work in an effective manner and production of ama can be prevented well.

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