Ayurveda For Anorexia

Ayurveda For Anorexia

The term anorexia stands for loss of appetite and the alternative system of medical called as ayurveda states that anorexia is actually a symptom of disturbance in the functioning of the digestive system. When the stomach fails to function properly and when the digestive juice secretion reduces, anorexia can show up.


Patients with anorexia actually refuse to eat

They also experience sleeplessness issue.

Root cause:

People get this health issue, when they habitually take an inappropriate diet and they hardly engage in physical activities. It can also occur as a result of physical strain and stress. Emotional disturbances and domestic worries can also create this issue, apart from nervous disorder and difficult working conditions.

Healing options:

Ayurveda recommends the following home remedies to bring down the issue:






Patients with anorexia are recommended to include more of the above-mentioned items to their diet to induce healthy hunger and for ensuring good night sleep.


Ayurvedic system of medicine suggests that the only effective treatment for this condition should start with cleansing the digestive system. Once the digestive system is cleaned, suitable changes should be introduced to the diet along with some healthy lifestyle changes. To begin with the treatment, the patient will be recommended to be on an orange juice and water diet for the first three to five days of the treatment.

For the next five days, from the liquid diet, the patient will be suggested to be on fruit diet. Here, fruits like peaches, pineapple, orange, grapes, pears and apple can be included in the diet for improving digestion and these fruits should be taken once in every five hours. From then on, patients will be recommended to have foods that can be easily digested and this type of diet will help to maintain strength and stamina. Once 10 days of the above-mentioned foods are suggested during the treatment, the patients are also recommended to continue the diet with solid foods that can be easily digested. Here, foods like cooked vegetables, buttermilk and juice fruits should be taken for about 10 days.


During the initial 3-5 days of fruit fast, ayurvedic system of medicine suggests that the bowel should be cleaned with warm water enema each day. This self-cleansing process will help in elimination of poisonous toxins from the body.


Along with diet and lifestyle changes, patients looking for the safe anorexia treatment under this alternative system of medicine will be recommended to follow yoga exercises and the three exercises that can help in effective treatment for these patients include:





In general, this system of medicine works towards curing the underlying reason behind any health issue, such that the patients can get complete cure. This is applicable to anorexia as well and as the underlying issue is cured with healthy diet, lifestyle changes, yoga and herbal medicines, patients can safely get out of their problem and can lead a healthy and happy life.

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veneral diseases are those which can be spread through sexual contact, The spreading agents can bacteria ,viruses etc, The examples are syphilis and gonorrhoea can be can spread by sexual contact, you can also find list of Gynecologist in Chennai.
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