Ayurvedic Cure For Rheumatoid Arthritis

Ayurvedic Cure For Rheumatoid Arthritis

RA, which is the shortened form of Rheumatoid Arthritis is an health issue that can bring untold hurdles in the lives of people, regardless of their age group. The reason is that this disease is associated with pain in joints, bones and even muscles. The relieving news for patients with this condition is that there are different treatment options available for it. But, rather than relying on the treatment, wherein harmful chemicals and invasive procedures are followed, patients can rely on safe and non-invasive approach to bring about a natural relief for their painful affliction. Alternative treatment can provide such a remedy and this is where Ayurveda gets into picture.

This alternative system of medicine has been put into use for treating many health issues in India and of course, RA is no exception. Here are the details about the treatment options available for patients with this condition under ayurveda:

Mix of aloe vera:

This is a handy natural remedy for curing RA and many other ailments in the human body. All that is to be done by patients is to make a paste with dried aloe vera leaf and egg white. These two items should be mixed together for forming a paste. Once it achieves thick consistency, the paste should be applied to the parts, wherein the patient experiences pain and discomfort.

Mix of sesame seed:

To prepare this highly effective remedy, dry ginger, water and black sesame seeds are needed. Equal quantities of dry ginger and sesame seeds should be taken and ground well. Once it achieves the consistency of powder, a spoon of this powder should be added to a glass of water for daily consumption. Within a few days of starting this consumption, there will be good relief from pain in joints.

Gall nut mix:

Castor oil and gall nuts are needed for preparing this mix. First, the gall nut seeds should be ground until it becomes powder. Then, the powder should be mixed with castor oil and this mix should also be consumed in lesser quantity on a daily basis to get better relief.

Garlic paste:

Garlic is generally stated as the best home remedy for different issues related to gas. Both, dry ginger and garlic are known to be effective in treating indigestion. To make this paste, 5 cloves of garlic should be ground and then dry ginger should also be converted powder or paste. Then, both these powder/paste should be mixed to buttermilk. This buttermilk should be consumed for 5 days and this will help in bringing down the inflammation slowly, but steadily.

Castor oil mix:

The ingredients needed for preparing this remedy is milk and filtered castor oil. This can be consumed weekly once to bring down the pain associated with RA and even in the case of other types of arthritis.

In addition to using the above-mentioned remedies, ayurvedic health care providers suggest that people should follow healthy anti-inflammatory diet and should also do some simple exercises to get the intended relief.

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