Ayurvedic Treatment For Pneumonia

Ayurvedic Treatment For Pneumonia

Pneumonia is nothing, but a viral infection this is caused by the virus known as Pneumococcus. This infection generally affects the lungs of patients. Even though, the symptoms of this condition will look like that of common flu and cold, it is something different and can bring dangerous effects on the health of individuals. When it comes to ayurvedic treatment for this infective disorder, treatment will include herbal medicines, tea and some diet changes will also be recommended.


• Increase in body temperature

• Shivering

• Frequent coughs

• Excess production of phlegm

• Excess mucus production

It is important that it should be treated immediately as it can lead to some serious health issues, if not treated. Not only treatment, it is important that the patient should be given correct treatment. The reason is that symptoms of this condition are generally similar to that of normal cold & cough and flu. Furthermore, wrong treatment can worsen this condition as well.

Reasons for this condition:

Ayurveda states that this condition is caused due to the imbalance in the vata dosha and so treatment under this alternative medicine aims at bringing back the balance, so that the infection can be automatically cured. As ayurveda classified this condition into different types, the practitioner will suggest the appropriate remedy after talking to the patient and after examining him/her. It is also recommended that patients with this condition should not take any medicines on their own without proper consultation of the doctor.

Ayurvedic treatment:

• The highly effective treatment for this condition includes a mixture of Abhrak Bhasma, chyavanaprash, punamala, stiopaladi and pipali. The reason is that these herbs can restore the normal functioning of the respiratory system.

• The ayurvedic practitioner will also provide the patient with a special herbal tea that is prepared with special herbs. This tea with herbs can soothe the lungs, warm the body and they can also bring about a natural balance to the vata dosha.

• Patients will also be recommended to include spices like cardamom, cinnamon and ginger in their diet. In addition, herbs like ashwagandha and triphala should also be suggested for patients.

• A combination of chandramrita, yavakshara and talishadi churna will be prescribed for patients for two times a day to prevent the formation of excess phlegm and mucus

• A combination of shringa bhasma, shringrabhra, rasa sindur and narsar is also suggested for two times a day.

• Garlic is prescribed for bringing down the body temperature. Not only internally, but also externally the past of this spice can be applied externally on the chest.

• Raw vegetables and fruits can also benefit patients. It is also recommended that the patients with this condition should avoid oily items, rice and sugar.

• Apart from ayurvedic medicines, yoga asanas like ardha chakrasana can help these patients as this yoga will help in recovery from respiratory issues.


Ayurveda can provide an excellent remedy for this issue that too in a safe manner without causing any side-effects.

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last 2 years my mother was suffering from Pneumonia. I am staying in yeswanthpur, SO that i want to know any Ayurvedic hospitals r there near to my location(yeswnathpur). Accordingly we will visit hospitals. Please do the needful asap. eagerly am waiting for your reply. Thanks in Advance.
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