Ayurvedic Treatment for Sinusitis

Ayurvedic Treatment for Sinusitis

Otherwise called as pinas in Ayurveda, sinusitis is a condition, wherein the sinuses are blocked with mucus and they become swelled. This condition can affect people of any age group and sex. Children with cold and other viral infections and asthma patients are at higher risk of this condition.


Ayurvedic experts are of the opinion that this condition is caused due to the following reasons:

• Increased intake of spicy, oily and dry foods

• Taking foods too cold or hot

• Taking heavy foods that are indigestible very often

• Taking foods that are incompatible

The above-mentioned causes can create an imbalance in the three doshas as per ayurveda. When there is impaired kapha dosha, which is nothing, but water, it gets accumulated in the sinus, thereby blocking the flow of vata or air. When pitta (Fire) dosha imbalance happens, there will be inflammation and irritation to the tissues of the sinues. The other factors contributing towards this issue are suppressing natural urges of vomiting and tears, exposure to dusty, cold and dry climatic conditions and staying awake till late night. Even, sleeping in the daytime is also known to cause this condition.


Ayurveda states the following symptoms to be associated with this condition:

• Runny or blocked nose

• Heavy feeling in the head and

• Sneezing

Ayurvedic view of pinas:

The treatment for this condition in ayurveda involves dissolving and driving out the aggravated energies in the body. This is done with the help of some ayurvedic herbs and diet, apart from some diet changes. Even, nasal therapies are recommended. Ayurvedic experts are of the opinion that panchakarma treatment of nasya is stated as ideal for this condition.

Diet and lifestyle changes:

Ayurvedic experts recommend the following lifestyle and diet changes for patients getting ayurvedic treatment for this condition:

• It is recommended that these patients should take freshly-prepared and easily digestible foods that are warm. In addition, they can include lots of vegetables and fresh fruits in their diet.

• Warm water can be taken in plain form or even, black pepper and cinnamon powder can be added to the water.

• Ginger and garlic should be included in larger number in diet

• It is better to keep away from heavy and oil foods, cold water, ice cream, chocolates and cold drinks.

• Also, these patients should take complete rest for getting relief. When sleeping, they should be lying on one side with a pillow under the head. This position will prevent the mucus accumulation in the air passages and will help in avoidance of breathing difficulties.

Home remedies as per ayurveda:

• A spoon of crushed garlic, turmeric each and two spoons of honey can be mixed together. This mixture can be taken on a daily basis.

• About 4-5 garlic buds can be crushed and the fragrance can be inhaled as this can help in nasal congestion relief.

• A spoon of fresh ginger extract with a spoon of honey can be taken for two times a day.

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