Ayurvedic View Of Dandruff

Ayurvedic View Of Dandruff

Not just ayurveda, but other medicines have also accepted that dandruff is the excessive shedding of dead skin from the scalp. It is normal for the skin cells to die and flake off and so a small amount of shedding is stated to be normal. It is also stated that the skin in the scalp generally dies and sheds off in a month. On the other hand, in the case of individuals with dandruff problem, this happens every 2-7 days. In addition to being a physical condition, many individuals see it is a problem of self and social esteem.

What causes this skin issue according to ayurveda?

A number of factors can contribute towards this issue and here are some of them to note:

Excessive consumption of penetrating, highly spiced, oily, cold and dry foods.

When the sebaceous glands work excessively like sweat glands

Allergens in the environment like dust

Exposure to excessive sunlight

Certain shampoos, soaps and fabrics

Certain types of allergic foods

In addition to these factors, some people have sensitive skin that is affected due to seasonal changes and they are also vulnerable to this skin disorder. Among the many factors, stress is stated to be the major contributor to this problem. Ayurveda also warns that excessive hair treatments like hair coloring, conditioning, use of curlers, hair bonding and perms often lead to weakness of skin, thereby leading to this scalp disorder.


Itchy feeling it the scalp

Softness of skin in the scalp area

Irritation and redness in the scalp

Dryness and

Appearance of white flakes in the scalp

Ayurvedic view of the skin issue:

Ayurveda classifies this skin health issue under the category of shudra roga and it is stated that this happens due to the imbalance of the three doshas in the human body. Pitta and vata are the fundamental doshas involved. When these doshas peak, they cause unwanted toxins in the body, which gathers in the deep tissues of scalp and contaminate them. This in turn leads to irritation in scalp, which in turn makes the scalp to produce more than normal shedding of dead skin cells. This is why, when it comes to ayurvedic treatment for this issue, the procedure will aim at pacifying vata and pitta doshas with the help of herbal medicines. In addition, the doctor will be suggesting customized diet plan for the patient. Apart from this, special herbs will be administered for cleansing the body out of impurities.

Diet and lifestyle advice:

Mild shampoos can be used for regularly washing the hair at least for 2-3 times a weak

Before washing the hair, it is better to massage the hair with oil each time.

It is better to keep away from penetrating, spicy and hot foods, aerated drinks and junk foods.

It is recommended to add foods with good nutritive value to the diet. For instance, lentils, vegetables and fruits with fiber-richness can be taken.

To bring down stress levels, it is better to follow yoga and meditation techniques.

It is also recommended to avoid scratching of scalp.

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