Effect Of Sattvic Diet On Mind Purification As Per Ayurveda
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Effect Of Sattvic Diet On Mind Purification As Per Ayurveda

Effect Of Sattvic Diet On Mind Purification As Per Ayurveda

Most of us have experienced how hatred, fear and anger can create damage to us internally. The modern medical sciences has explored the benefits positive thoughts can bring to the human body and mind and also many studies have stated the demerits negative thoughts can create as well. Even, a study conducted among couples state that couples frequently engaging in domestic arguments not only create damage to their relationship, but they also create some sort of damage to their health as well. Even, scientists from the University of California have stated that arguing with spouse can bring a negative impact on the proper functioning of the immune system.

Impact of depression and anxiety:

The effect of anxiety and depression not only on heart disease, but also in many other health issues has been rightly documented earlier. Suffering from depression can take people to the greater risk of getting heart attack. The relationship between mind and body is rightly analyzed and it is stated that mental health is a crucial aspect of physical health.

Basis of Ayurvedic Nutrition and lifestyle:

Ayurveda not only aims at balancing of doshas in the body, but the system of medicine also aims at increasing the sattvic temperature in the human body. It encompasses avoidance of unfriendliness, disagreements and other negative emotions that can adversely bring about an effect on the physical and mental health. Ayurveda states that sattvic people are forgiving and fair in nature and they are also open, kind, generous and have a positive attitude. They see life as a learning experience and they see it is as a productive element.

What are sattvic foods as per ayurveda?

To attain sattvic nature, ayurveda recommends that people should bring changes in their emotions, lifestyle and in their diet as well. It is recommended that freshly prepared foods should be included in the diet and more of plant-based foods can be ideal. In addition, the consumption of processed foods, caffeine, alcohol and meat should be avoided or at least reduced. Also, it is important to bring about a balance in the lifestyle with social concerns, family and work with simple exercises for bringing down the stress level. It is also recommended that an optimistic approach should be followed and meditation can also play a major role in bringing down the emotions.

How is sattvic attitude helpful?

A sattvic diet in addition to ensuring the physical and mental wellbeing of an individual can also play a major role towards productive and peaceful community. When an individual begins slowly to follow sattvic diet, he/she can work towards peace and harmony in the family and the entire community as well. Regardless of the economic condition, faith and religion an individual belongs to, it will be easier for shifting to sattvic diet and the impact it can bring on the peace of mind, attitude and health will be remarkable and will be beneficial to a great extent.

So, ayurveda recommends that for ensuring utmost mind and bodily purification, sattvic diet can be highly helpful.

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During the primary stage,DG illumination tests are very helpful, find good maternity hospitals-Karan Hospital and Maternity Home.
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