How To Get Rid of Kapha Dosha?

How To Get Rid of Kapha Dosha?

According to ayurveda, kapha is one of the three dosha energies that work in an effective manner to keep the human body work properly. Even though, this dosha is necessary for the healthy functioning of the body and it cannot be removed from the body, excess of kapha dosha should be treated and removed from the body.

Symptoms of excess kapha:

When an individual faces excess kapha dosha in the body, he/she will experience the following symptoms:

• Weight gain

• Mucous congestion

• Depression

• Exhaustion

• Excessively oily skin or hair

With some adjustment in the lifestyle and diet, an individual can eliminate the excess of this dosha and balancing will also become possible and the individual will begin to feel better when this happens. Here are some tips to get rid of this excess dosha:

What to eat?

It is recommended that people experiencing an increase in the kapha level should start their dinner and their lunch with a leafy green salad with raw vegetables and peppers. They can also include dry and warm meals to their diet seasoned with hot spices like red pepper, cayenne and wasabi.

What to avoid?

It is recommended that wheat products should be avoided by people with excess kapha. It is better to avoid root vegetables inclusive of potatoes. Fried foods and dried eatables should be avoided. They can snack on pears, cranberries and apples.

External treatment:

Those suffering with excess kapha can use a heating pad then and there on their lower back on a daily basis and it is better to stay out of cloud. If cold weather is unavoidable, these patients can cover their neck and mouth with scarf, if leaving home becomes unavoidable during cold season.

Lifestyle changes:

It is better to avoid drinking cold water and ginger tea can be taken at regular intervals for two or three days. Excess kapha can also be released by consuming a spoon of raw honey every day. Ayurveda also recommend people with excess of this dosha to avoid sweet foods and sweeteners. When talking about lifestyle changes, it is also recommended that people should do more exercises and yoga training can be highly helpful for them to increase flexibility. The reason is that increased flexibility can be helpful in breaking down of congestion in the body.

What does this dosha do in the human body?

This dosha is responsible for governing all the structures and lubrication in the body and in the mind as well. It is responsible for providing lubrication to the joints.

Final word:

Dairy products can help in pacifying kapha and all types of beans can be included in the diet except tofu. It is also suggested to reduce sugar products, as against which honey can be used in the daily diet. Except millet and barely, all types of grains are ideal for people with excess kapha. Excess of anything can cause a problem and so it is important to follow the above-mentioned tips.

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Gonorrhoea can be transmitted by the infected towels, handkerchiefs of the infected person, But most cases are due to sexual contacts, find here list of good Gynecologist in Sidhi.
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