Panchakarma For Joint Pain Relief

Panchakarma For Joint Pain Relief

There are many therapies in ayurvedic medicine and Panchakarma is stated as a specialized therapy in this alternative medicine for providing the best treatment to chronic pains. It is a combination of holistic rejuvenation therapies that aims at detoxifying the entire body and it can refresh the entire system, thereby providing the right kind or relief to the sufferers.

Panchakarma for arthritis:

As mentioned earlier, this therapy aims at detoxification. Since arthritis is a degenerative condition, it is highly important that rejuvenation should form a crucial part of the process of treatment. A mixture of different curing techniques associated with mind and body will play a major role towards detoxification and can clear out the blockages in the channels. Ayurveda states that vata is an important cause of arthritic pain and when the blockages in the different channels are removed, proper movement of vata will be ensured. This in turn will bring the condition of the patient close to curability.

What makes panchakarma beneficial?

Panchakarma is beneficial for patients with joint pain in the following ways:

It can improve the potency of medicines

It can improve mental clarity, vitality and strength to a great extent

It can reverse the negative impact of stress on the body and mind

It can effectively restore constitutional balance, thereby bringing about an improvement in the overall health and wellness

It can strengthen the immune system

It can relieve different types of pains in the body

It can help in effective elimination of toxins

Panchakarma procedures recommended for patients with joint pain:

Medicated enema: This technique is called as Vasti in Ayurveda and as the name implies, it is aimed at removing unwanted toxins from colon. This technique can help in nourishing and rebuilding the tissues in the body and can strengthen the immune system to a great extent. This method will also be helpful in ensuring proper air circulation in the body, thereby providing solution to joint pains.

Full Body Massage: This method is called as Abhyanga in ayurveda and it is effective in promoting pacification of vata and it can help in detachment of toxins from the deeper tissues. When done regularly, this method can be of great help in protecting individuals with joint pains from vata-related and stress-related issues and exhaustion. It can provide the right kind of nourishment to the body and can enhance sleep. It can be helpful in providing the best physical stability and can serve as a means of relaxation to the entire body.

Poultice massage: Called as potli in ayurveda, this technique uses medicated herbal juice that can provide the right relief from increase in vata dosha, relaxation of muscles and can act as painkiller. The tiny linen buns called as potlis used in this massaging process are prepared with a combination of medicated powders and herbs. They are then made to heat at warm temperature in medicated oils and are massaged in the entire body. This method can be highly helpful for stress, muscle pains, joint cramps, inflammation in vertebrae and osteoarthritis.

The other two techniques followed under pachakarma for joint pain relief are pizhichil and svedana, called as rich oil massage and steam bath respectively.

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