Quit the Smoking Addiction with Ayurveda

Quit the Smoking Addiction with Ayurveda

Quit the Smoking Addiction with Ayurveda



Admit it you really do you want to quit because you know smoking is a bad for your health. Just in case you need a little extra encouragement, her are the facts: smoking is the major preventable cause of death. It causes cancer and heart disease. It gives smoker raspy voice and nagging coughs and it makes smokers mouth smell and taste like ashtrays. So why are you still smoking?

It’s because nicotine is highly addictive as addictive as heroin, according to some researchers. Nicotine binds to specific receptor sites in the brain, causing changes in mood. That’s why heavy smokers who attempt to quite experience withdrawalsymptoms such as nervousness,irritability, insomnia and even mild depression. No wonder it can be hard, but it can be done.

 Several drugs are available for smokers trying to quit. Most are aimed at helping smokers gradually wean themselves from nicotine instead of going cold turkey.

Those who are quitting smoking with the help of a doctors may be prescribed other medicines, among them anti-anxiety drugs, adrenergic blockers and antidepressants. See cigarette smoke irritates cells in the airways, paralyzing the tiny hairs oaring and mucus production. This phase may last a few weeks to a few month, depending on how long and how much you have smoked. While it may be irritating, this reaction is a good sign it means your lungs are beginning to recover. Lung tonics and expectorant can help you expel the yucky junk and heal the lung tissues.

In addition calming herbs and herbs that provide support in times of stress can reduce anxiety and insomnia. Herbs that alleviate depression can be especially helpful for people who smoke asa way of coping with this mood disorder. And several types of herbal medicine can help alleviate the symptoms of nicotine withdrawal.

Herbal remedies for quitting smoking

  • Mullein (verbascumthapsus)

This herb tones the mucus membrane of the respiratory tract, soothes irritated lungs and speed healing of damaged tissue. It also help thin mucus secretion so they can be coughed u more easily.

  • Coltsfoot(tussilagofarfara)

Here’s another herb that helps soothe inflamed lung tissue, loosen secretion and tone the lungs.

  • Lobelia(lobelia inflata)

This cough easier gently relaxed bronchial muscle and the entire nervous system. Lobelia may have some binding action on nicotine receptor sites, which could decreases craving.

  • Skullcap(scutellarialateriflora)

This sedative herb can help alleviate the anxiety that sometimes accompanies giving up cigarettes.

  • Valerian(valerianaofficinalis)

Can’t sleep without a last puff/ valerian relaxes tense muscles; it can be used as asleep aid if insomnia is one of your quitter symptoms

  • Kava-kava(piper methysticum)

This south pacific ceremonial herb relieves anxiety without causing drowsiness or decreasing mental function.

  • Passion flower (passiflora incarnate)

This gently sedating herb can be used as a sleep aid. If your daytime anxiety is sever, it can also be taken during the day.

  • St johns wort(hypercumperforatum)

St johnswort has been proven to help in cases of moderate depression. If blue mood plays a role in your smoking habit, you should begin taking stjohnswort two to four weeks before your quit date.

  • Liquorice(glyyrrhiza glabra)

Stress is one reason that many people smoke. The act of quitting is itself stressful for both the emotions and the body. Liquorice nourishes the adrenal glands, the one most worn to by stressful condition it also ease lung symptoms by fighting inflammation, soothing irritated tissue and helping to expel mucus.

  • Schisandra(schisandrachinensis)

This herb supports the whole body in times of stress and has the added advantage of toning the lungs and easing coughs.

  • Turmeric (curcuma longa)

This bright yellow spice has been shown to help remove the carcinogens that smoking puts in your body. If you’re overwhelmed by the number of herbs recommended here, just put turmeric on your spice shelf where it’s handy and add it to food several times a week 

Prepared : by Dr. Shivani Amola

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