Top 4 Home Remedies For Premature Hair Greying

Top 4 Home Remedies For Premature Hair Greying

Generally, the hair growth happen in successive stages in humans and at certain point of time, some strands come to a rest, while others continue to grow. At the base of the hairs, there is a pigment called melanin and they are present in the follicles of the hair. This particular pigment is responsible for providing color to the hairs. Gray hair at the young age is stated as the result of inadequate pigment in the follicles, while the non-existence of the melanin pigment results in white hair. When black and white hair mixes, the scalp gets the color of gray.

Experts are of the opinion that it is quite natural to have some gray hairs in the scalp even at the age of 8-10. However, if this happens in more than 50 percent of hairs before the age of 40 years, this condition is referred to as premature graying.

What causes grey hair?

It is caused due to underlying health conditions like anemia, reduction in the mineral density in bone, thyroid issues and deficiency of Vitamin B12. There are natural home remedies that can be used to get out of this issue and here are few that will help:

1. Coconut oil with henna:

Staining the hair with this natural product called henna can turn out to be a wonderful remedy for reconditioning the natural color. All that is to be done is to take some coconut oil and it should be heated. Some henna leaves are to be added to the hot oil until the color of the coconut oil changes into brown. This mixture should be allowed to cool and then should be applied to the scalp on a regular basis. After applying, the oil can be left for 35-45 minutes before washing and this will turn the color of the hair into dark brown.

2. Indian Gooseberry:

Indian Gooseberry or amla is considered to be an excellent remedy for many issues in ayurveda. This fruit should be powdered and should be added to the coconut oil for regular application and it can effectively treat grey hair in the long run. To prepare the powder, the fruit should be shredded and dried under the sun and then should be converted into powder.

3. Amaranth leaves:

Amaranth leaves are used as spinach in cooking in South India. The fresh leaves of amaranth vegetables should be blended to get the extract. This blend should be applied to the scalp on a regular basis. Even, these leaves can be boiled in the water until the color of the water turns into the color of the leaves and the same can be applied to the scalp.

4. Curry leaves:

Curry leaves, which are widely used in Indian cuisines, can provide great relief to different problems in hair. These leaves contain essential nutrients for restoration of hair follicles and for prevention of premature graying of hair. These leaves can be taken both internally and can be used for external application as well for the best results.

In addition to these four remedies, it is also recommended that people should include more of fresh vegetables in diet and should keep away from mental worries to get the best cure for premature graying.

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