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Know About Blood Cancer Symptoms and Treatment

Know About Blood Cancer Symptoms and Treatment

As you are looking for blood cancer symptoms, the first and foremost sign is stated to be poor blood clotting. However, before starting blood cancer treatment on any patient, the doctor will conduct several tests to confirm whether it is actually blood cancer. Affected immune system and anaemia are also stated to be the most common symptoms associated with this deadly disease. What does blood cancer actually mean? This cancer, medically called as leukemia is cancer in the bone marrow that produces blood cells. Patients with this health issue will produce blood cells in huge numbers and the cells that are produced by their body will be white blood cells or leukocytes. In patients with this health issue, the DNA of immature blood cells becomes damaged in some way or other. There are different types of blood cancer to an individual should be aware of.

Types of Blood Cancer:

Now, you know the fundamental blood cancer symptoms, but you should also know its types. The types include chronic and acute, lymphocytic and myelogenous, acute lymphocytic leukemia, chronic lymphocytic leukemia, acute myelogenous leukemia and chronic myelogenous leukemia. Now, before understanding blood cancer treatment options, it is better to understand the blood cancer stages, such that it will be possible to find the right answer to the question is blood cancer curable.  Varied yardsticks are used by doctors to differentiate blood cancer into varied stages as per the symptoms of prognosis and also on the basis of the rate of metastasis. It is stated that there are four different stages of blood cancer. In the first stage, the risk level is intermediate as in this stage, the cancer is yet to spread to other physical organs and in this stage, there will be an enlarged presence of lymph nodes. The second stage is referred to as enlarged presence in spleen and in liver apart from lymph nodes. At least, either the liver or the spleen would have been affected at this stage. However, the risk level is still moderate.

Other Stages:

The third stage is marked by the development of anaemia and the organs like spleen, liver and lymph nodes remain swollen in this stage. Here, there will be an effect on two or more organs and the final or fourth stage there will be a drastic fall in the platelets in the blood. In the final stage, cancer would have started affecting the lungs as well. From the point of view of the patient, both third and fourth stages are highly risky. Now, when it comes to blood cancer cure, according to the recent studies, doctors state that this disease is curable. They state that patients with first stage of blood cancer come under the category of curability. However, some practitioners are of the opinion that cancer is curable even in the second and third stages with the development of medicine these days. But, it is stated that curability is possible under alternative systems of medicines.

Approved Drugs are Available:

When talking about blood cancer treatment different types of treatments like chemotherapy, biological therapy, targeted therapy, radiation therapy and stem cell transplant are offered by many cancer hospitals in India. In addition to the right medicine for blood cancer, supportive treatments are also provided to the patient like vaccines against flu, medications against nausea, platelet or blood transfusions, antiviral or antibiotic medications, medicines to fight infections, etc. These treatments are provided to make sure that the patient is not affected by other health issues when he/she is getting treatment for leukemia. Medicines to deal with blood cancer symptoms are also prescribed in such a way that the patient can feel painless. Some patients might need counseling to help to cope with the mental agony they experience when getting treatment for leukemia. Mental health and willpower are highly essential for the patient to fight against this deadly disease.

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