What are the Symptoms and Treatment of Breast Cancer
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What are the Symptoms and Treatment of Breast Cancer

What are the Symptoms and Treatment of Breast Cancer


When talking about breast cancer symptoms, the first sign to look for before searching for breast cancer treatment options is generally a lump in the breast. Even, some abnormalities in the mammogram results are also considered an important early sign. Even though breast cancer is common in female, men can also get this health issue. Before understanding certain things about this health problem, it is better to get an understanding of the anatomy of the breast. The normal breast encompasses milk-producing glands that are attached to the surface of the skin at the nipple, and they are connected through narrow ducts. Connective tissues provide support to the ducts and the glands. Breasts generally sit under the skin and on the top of the chest muscles.  Similar to other forms of cancer, the abnormal tissues that make up breast cancer is the own cell of the patient that multiplies in an uncontrollable manner. Below you will get more breast cancer symptoms.

Stages of Breast Cancer:

Before gathering some details about breast cancer symptoms and also breast cancer treatment, it is better to get an understanding of the stages of this deadly health issue. The breast cancer stages are categorised into zero to IV and the Roman numbers I to IV are generally followed by alphabets, A, B or C.  Stage 0 is where cancer has just started to grow in the milk ducts or glands, and it would not have started spreading to other regions. Stage I is where cancer becomes competent enough to affect other healthy tissues in the breast.  Stage IA is where cancer would have started spreading itself to fatty tissues and at this stage, the tumour might be about the size of a small peanut or some patients might not have any tumour too. Stage IB is where some cancer tissues have started spreading to some lymph nodes. Similarly, the development stages are classified by doctors. In the final or IV stage, cancer would have spread to other organs like brain, liver, and lungs.

Causes and Signs:

Many women have a doubt about causes of breast cancer, but the reality is that doctors state that no specific reason can be pointed out. But, it is stated that this disease occurs due to the damage to the DNA of a cell. Now it becomes important to understand the symptoms, such that doctor’s help can be obtained. Generally, a lump in one of the breasts is stated to be one of the early signs of breast cancer. But, some lumps cannot be seen in naked eyes as they will be too small. This is why women after 30 years of age are recommended to get breast cancer screening, where mammography will be conducted to make sure that there are no tiny lumps or tumours in the breasts. Other early signs include changes in the size and shape of the nipple, pain in breasts that do not go away after periods.

Breast Cancer Treatment:

In addition to the breast cancer symptoms stated above, other factors like an inappropriate discharge from nipple and unexplained irritation, rash, itchiness or skin irritation in breasts should also be screened and should never be overlooked. Now, it is time to gather some details about the breast cancer treatment. Treatment will be decided by the doctor on the basis of the stage of cancer and the symptoms experienced by a patient. However, some of the common treatment options include:

  • The treatment called lumpectomy would be suggested, where the surgeon will remove the tumour in the breast without removing the entire breast.
  • Mastectomy is another treatment option, wherein all the breast tissues, inclusive of the tissues affected by cancer will be removed surgically.
  • Chemotherapy is the most common treatment option available for all types of cancers; wherein anticancer drugs will be injected into the patient to fight against cancer cells and to prevent them from multiplying.
  • Radiation in a treatment where X-Rays will be used for directly affecting cancer.

The thing to be remembered by women is that when breast cancer is deducted early, it can be treated in an effective manner.

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