How To Prevent Lung Cancer?

How To Prevent Lung Cancer?

Lung cancer is cancer which begins in lungs and most often occurs in peoples who smoke.Lung cancer is a disease; wherein the cancer cells occur in the tissues of the lung. When it comes to this disease, the medical field classifies it into two and they are small cell and non-small cell cancers. Even though this disease is widely spread in different countries of the world, the relieving news is that people can follow some practices to a prevention of lung cancer. For instance, maintaining good eating habits and avoiding unhealthy lifestyle will help. It is recommended that early diagnosis and treatment in best cancer hospital will help patients to lead a normal life.Lung cancer is also called “carcinomas”. There are two types of lung cancer:

  • SCLC (Small Cell lung cancer)– This type of lung cancer is the most aggressive and rapidly growing of all the types. It comprises about 10% to 15% of lung cancer. It is related to cigarette smoking.
  • NSCLC (Non-small cell lung cancer) – This type of lung cancer comprises about 85% of all cases.

Symptoms of Lung Cancer:

  • Change in a cough
  • Breathing change
  • Pain in the chest area
  • Wheezing
  • Raspy, hoarse voice
  • Drop in weight
  • Bone pain
  • Headache
  • Lung Cancer Treatment:

  • Lung Cancer Surgery
  • Chemotherapy for lung cancer
  • Lung cancer radiation
  • Cancer pain medication
  • Causes of Lung Cancer:

    When analyzing the causes behind this disease, experts state that lack of proper exercise, obesity and smoking can cause it. Now, there is some prevention of lung cancer discussed below:

    Quit smoking:

    Smoking is stated to be the one among the important causes of cancer in the lungs. It is also stated that consumption of tobacco in any form can lead to this disease. So, sooner an individual quit smoking, better are the chances that he can escape from this disease. Even, the chances of prevention of lung cancer depend on the number of years an individual is following the smoking and tobacco consumption habits.

    Reducing the exposure to harmful chemicals:

    Studies show that chemicals like chromium, nickel, arsenic and asbestos can lead to cancer. So, lesser an individual is exposed to these chemicals; better will be the chance to lead a healthy life and he can stay away from this life-threatening disease.

    Reducing exposure to radon:

    It is found that exposure to high level of radon can increase the chances of cancer; particularly smokers are known to be at higher risk. This is why, to prevent this disease, it is recommended to bring down the levels of radon in homes.

    Other methods:

    Apart from the tips mentioned above, people can also follow many other methods of prevention of lung cancer. Even though the tips given below have not proper evidence for their effectiveness, they can help people in preventing this disease to a great extent:


    It is found that high consumption of fruits and vegetables will help to a great way in bringing down the chances of this disease. It is found that those consuming more of fruits and vegetables in their diet are at lesser chances of getting this disease as against those, who do not consume them.

    Physical activity:

    It is also recommended that people should follow a healthy exercise regimen to reduce the chances of this health issue.

    Limiting supplements rich in beta carotene:

    It is stated that beta-carotene supplements are also known to increase the risk of cancer in the lungs. It is found that smokers, who take at least one alcoholic drink each day, are at higher risk with beta carotene supplements. So, to prevent lung cancer, it is suggested to limit beta carotene supplements.

    It is also found that patients with AIDS are at higher risk of this cancer and so it is important to keep away from AIDS and other sexual diseases to prevent cancer in the lungs.

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