Important Facts about Childhood Obesity and Prevention

Important Facts about Childhood Obesity and Prevention

Important Facts about Childhood Obesity

Facts about childhood obesity are surprising. According to a report submitted by World Health Organization, the number of obese and overweight infants and young children in the age group of 0 and 5 years has increased from 32 million internationally in the year 1990 to 42 million in the year 2016. It was further stated by WHO that a vast majority of obesity in children is found in developing nations, where the rate increase is stated to be more than 30% higher as compared to that of developed nations. WHO has further added that if the trend continues, the number of obese infants and kids will increase to 70 million by the year 2025.

Consequences of Childhood Obesity:

Before getting into the consequences, it becomes important to understand what is child obesity. Facts about obesity state that childhood obesity is actually a medical condition that affects not just kids, but also teenagers. Obesity in kids is something that is associated with a number of serious health complications. For instance, health care professionals state that obese children are at the higher risk of premature onset of illnesses like heart disease and diabetes. It is further stated that moms, who wish to prevent their newborn from childhood obesity in the future should follow exclusive breastfeeding from birth to 6 months of age.

Causes of Childhood Obesity:

Parents are recommended to be aware of the causes of childhood obesity, such that they can take some preventing actions if they find that their child is gaining weight slowly and steadily. Kids become overweight and then become obese due to a number of reasons. The most common reasons stated are genetics, unhealthy eating habits and lack of physical activity. A combination of these factors can also lead to childhood obesity. Even though the hormonal problem is stated to be a reason for obesity in kids, this happens only in rare cases.

Ways to Prevent Childhood Obesity:

To prevent their child from becoming overweight and obese, parents should prevent them from sitting in front of the computer/television to play games. But, they should be encouraged to play outdoor games with their friends and neighbours. Playing outdoor games will also help them get Vitamin D as the Sun is the only source of this vitamin to help kids gain strength and stamina.

Every aspect of the environment in which a baby was conceived, born and raised can contribute to the risk of becoming overweight. For instance, moms with gestational diabetes are known to give birth to overweight babies, which in turn increase the chances of obesity in the latter stage of life. So, moms with gestational diabetes should be careful about taking the medications and foods as per the recommendation of their doctor.

Some Recommendations:

Once a baby is given birth with a healthy weight, as mentioned earlier, exclusive breast feeding for the first six months will greatly help in preventing obesity. Thereafter, the mom should be highly careful about selecting healthy foods as the food preferences are established in the early life of the kid. When the kid is continuously fed with high-salt, High-fat, high-sugar and energy dense foods, he/she will be at a higher risk of developing obesity as stated in facts about obesity in kids.

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