Don't Worried about your child wetting the bed

Don't Worried about your child wetting the bed


Children Wetting Bed

Bedwetting is a very common issue faced by millions of families every night.  If it is occurring in the night it is called Nocturnal Enuresis

Bedwetting can be very stressful for families. Kids may feel embarrassed & guilty about spending at a friend’s house or at camp. About 13% of 6 years old wet the bed while 5 % of 10 of years old wet the bed.

Coping With Bedwetting 

1. Restrict fluid intake after 7 pm.

2. Remind your child to go to bathroom one final time before bedwetting.

3. Reward the child with stickers, appreciation, for dry nights.

4. When your child wakes up with wet sheets or wet the bed don’t punish, asks your child to help you to change the sheet, but it is not as a punishment, it is part of the process.

5. Intermittent alarms at night on 1-2 occasions and taking the child to toilet conditions the bladder and it also helps. 

It no medical cause is found, start on low doses of  Tab. Impramine -12.5mg at night.


Prepared by Dr Deepak Kelkar

                 Thane, Maharashtra



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