Height Increasing Exercise - How to Grow Taller After 18?
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Height Increasing Exercise - How to Grow Taller After 18?

The possible way to increase height is combining an exercise routine with the right diet. Height plays a significant role in enhancing the personality of an individual. No doubt, people are always ready to increase their height in any possible way. Some of them use the height increasing exercise.

Nowadays, some medicines and acupressure treatments are available in the market which claims height gain. But, these are expensive and have many side effects. Moreover, there is no 100% guarantee for the success of these methods.

Thus, the best way to increase height is naturally combining an exercise with the right diet. Proper exercise helps in toning and strength your muscles, releasing the growth hormones which are responsible for height gain. Proper diet keeps it fresh and active and helps it in rebuilding them.

1. Bar Hanging

Gravity affects your height by compressing your spines and joints. Which squeezes and thins the cartilage, giving you a shorter appearance.

Hanging on a vertical bar is an easy way to come back this problem. Hanging makes that lower torsos weight stretch the spine and decreases the pull on vertebras. This increases the height by 1 to 2 inches, but not instantly.

A horizontal bar for this should be placed at a height that it allows the body to extend with to move. If your body can't fully extend, then move it your knees slightly to hang freely.

Ensure that while grasping the bar, your palms are facing outwards. In hanging way keep your arms, shoulders and hips are in a relaxed way so that the gravity effectively pulls the body further.

This process should last for 15 seconds with a gap in between and should be repeated at least three times. This can be considered a better among the height increasing exercises.

2. Dry Land Swim

It is also known as “alternate kick”, and it focuses on your lower back. Start off by laying down your stomach. Your body should be fully extended. Place your arms straight with your palms facing down towards the floor.

Then raise it your left arm higher than your right arm. Keep your legs straight, lift your right leg as far off the ground as you can into the air. Remain it for at least five seconds and then repeat the procedure with your other

leg and another hand.

You should aim to hold it for 25 seconds. Adding wrist and ankle weights, it will be more beneficial as it will move your lower back muscles and increase your resistance.

 3. Pelvic Shift

Being extremely simple, this exercise helps to stretch your body up and down from the spine and also from hips. You can start it by lying on your back. Place your shoulders and arms on the floor.

Now bend your knees and move your feet as close as you can to your buttocks. Arc your back to thrust your pelvis upwards. This position should be held for 20 to 35 seconds. This exercise enables you to stretch giving flexibility to your front hips.

4. Hopping With One Leg

Being one of the easy exercises ever, this can be done anywhere in Any activity like watching TV, playing in the park and while doing any other work. Hop on your left leg seven times with your hands pointing towards the sky and then hop on your Right leg in the same way. This activity is good for brain development, strengthening of legs and generation of growth hormones.


5. Pilates Roll Over

This excellent height increasing exercise helps to stretch your spine and provide added length to your upper body. It stretches and lengthens the vertebrae of your neck. Start off by lying on your back and your arms along your sides and palms facing down.

Keeping your legs together, extend it straight up towards the ceiling and bend it backwards making them touch the floor. Touching in this way may appear confusing at first, but with practice, it will be easier. The more you stretch, the more your spine lengthens.