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Alcoholism (Effects, Hangovers and After Effects)

Alcoholism (Effects, Hangovers and After Effects)

Ques.1 What is Alcoholism?

Ans. Alcoholism is the: illness characterized by the habitual, compulsive and lasting high consumption of alcohol as well as the development of radical negative behavior when drinking is suddenly stopped.

Ques.2 What are the symptoms of Alcoholism?

Ans. A prolonged dependency on alcohol results in severe problems:
(i) In the pancreas (acute pancretis)
(ii) In the liver (cirrhosis)
(iii) In the heart
(iv) In the urinary system
(v) In the skin
(vi) In the sexual organs (causing impotence)
(vii) In the gastrointestinal and digestive tracts
(viii) Obesity in some.
(ix) In the nervous system which can be completely unsettled by the death of nerve cells. This is due to the fact that alcohol removes water from these cells producing a series of nervous disorders, which are frequently reflected in signs of depression and anxiety, which in extreme cases can lead to delirium tremens, causing hallucinations.

Ques.3 How Alcoholism is risky in pregnant women?

Ans. Mothers who drink while pregnant adversely affect their children causing serious physical and mental problems. Alcohol raises the risk of spontaneous abortions, retards development of the fetus, and later can result in hyperactivity and irritability in the child. If a pregnant woman consumes alcohol on a regular basis (as well as other drugs) the fetus can become addicted to these substances.

Ques. 4 What are the causes of Alcoholism?

Ans. Causes of alcoholism are: inheritance, environment, work, social drinking, stress, depression, idleness, immaturity and loneliness.

Ques.5 Which Medicines in Homoeopathy are effective for Alcoholism?

Ans. Caladium, Quercus G, tobaccom and Avena sativa are useful.

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