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DENGUE FEVER (Breakbone Fever)

DENGUE FEVER (Breakbone Fever)

Ques : 1    What is Dengue fever?

Ans :         It is an acute (viral infective fever starting in epidemics characterised by fever with severe bodily pain. Slow pulse, leucopenia, lymphadenitis and often a skin eruption.

Ques : 2    How is Dengue fever caused? 

Ans :         Caused by Virus. Transmitted to man by female mosquito Aedes Aegypti. Incubation period usually 5-10 days.

Ques : 3    What are the symptoms and of signs Dengue fever?

Ans :         Symptoms –

  1. Nausea, vomiting, anorexia, constipation, prostration, insomnia and depression.
  2. Painful movement of eyes, photophobia, conjunctival injection and lachrymation.
  • Alteration of taste and smell.
  1. Severe frontal headache, pain behind eye-balls and intense generalized aches.
  2. Severe pain in the long bones.
  3. High fever with chill. Rigor and sweating with delirium.
  • Onset is acute.

Sign –

  1. Pulse shows relative bradycardia.
  2. After the temperature has fallen, depression and prostration often persist.
  • Generalised lymphadenopathy may be present.
  1. An afebrile interval lasting 24-28 hrs (3rd day), all symtoms subside temporarily, followed by recurrence of symptoms (4th or 5th day) with saddle back fever and a rash may appear on the dorsum of hands and feet and spreads up the arms and thight to the truck.
  2. Raised temperature.

Ques : 4    What is the course, complication and investigation related to Dengue fever?

And :         Course : Usually 6 to 10 days.

Complications : (a) Bronchopneumonia.  (b) Herpes labialis. (c) Rarely jaundice. (d) Otitis media. (e) Hemorrhages – under skin or mucous membrane.

Investigations : (a) Complement fixation test may be positive. (b) Leukopenia with toxic granulation of polymorphs. (c) Oliguria and albumiuria.

Differential Diagnosis : (a) Rheumatic fever. (b) Sub-tertian malaria. (c) Enteric fever. (d) Secondary syphilis. (e) Influenza. (f) Measles.


Ques : 5    Describe the prognosis of Dengue fever?

Ans :         Prognosis : In a uncomplicated case the prognosis is good. In case of severe epidemics, the prognosis may be unfavourable. Because of the advanced age and diseases of the brain, heart and kidneys.

Ques : 6    What is the treatment of dengue fever?

Ans :         Treatment :

  1. Symptomatic treatment.
  2. Control the breeding of mosquito.
  • Pain is relieved by rest in bed and sodium salicylate (10 gr.) or acetylsaicyl. Acid (5 gr.) 3 or 4 times daily.
  1. During convalescence, Vit. B Complex and Vit. C orally and a charge of air are indicated.
  2. Homoeopathic & Biochemic remedies (as indicated in fever.)

Ques : 7    Which Homoeopathic medicines work as preventive for the treatment of dengue fever?

Ans :         Eupatorium and Rhus Tox are the preventive medicines.

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