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FAQs on Root Canal Therapy

faqs on root canal therapy

Q.1 I know that Root Canal Therapy is a dental therapy. But, what is it actually?

Ans. If your dentist finds that the root or nerve of one of your tooth is inflamed or infected, he/she might suggest root canal therapy, which is shortly called as RCT. This therapy is given as a treatment to preserve and protect the infected root.

Q.2 What will the dentist do during the Root Canal Therapy?

Ans. During this treatment, the dentist will remove the damaged pulp from the infected root. He/she will ensure that the infected part is completely removed and finally fill the empty canals. The treatment mainly involves drilling from the top part of the tooth.

Q.3 Is the root canal therapy a painful procedure? I fear the pain caused by dental procedures?

Ans. The pain is actually caused by the infection and not the treatment. The procedure is actually painless as a local anesthesia will be given to numb the tooth and its surrounding areas. So, you need not have to be anxious about the treatment.

Q.4 What are the symptoms that indicate I need an RCT procedure done?

Ans. When there is a loose tooth caused by pulp infection, RCT might be required. Also, you might experience pain when drinking or eating something that is too hot or cold. You might also have pain when chewing foods and there can be blackening of a single tooth.

Q.5 Can a general dentist perform the Root Canal Therapy or should I seek some other help?

Ans. A general dentist can perform RCT and endodontists are professionals in this therapy. So, you can talk with your dentist in this regard, who can tell you whether he can perform it or he will call upon an endodontist.

Q.6 How long with the tooth last after undergoing a root canal therapy?

Ans. Experts state that the tooth, whose root was repaired with this treatment will last as long as the other teeth. However, for this to happen, the patient, who have undergone the treatment should be in good health and should have a good will power to repair the damaged bone.

Q.7 What is the cost of root canal therapy in India?

Ans. In India, the cost of this therapy will be around Rs.2000. In addition, there will be additional charges to be borne by the patient for placing a crown after completion of RCT procedure. The additional cost for the same can be around one to three thousand rupees based on the material used in the crown.

Q.8 Is it possible to justify the cost of the Root Canal Therapy?

Ans. The alternative to this therapy is the extraction of the tooth and the patient should go for a replacement. This means that as against the original tooth, there will be an artificial tooth, which will never function like the original. Also, the cost of the extraction and also new artificial tooth together will be huge as compared to RCT.

Q.9 What will happen if I do not undergo Root Canal Treatment?

Ans. When the injured or diseased nerve is not treated, the infection will spread as the tooth cannot heal on its own. Further, there will be pus development at the root tip in the jawbone. When treatment is not provided at this stage, there will be a formation of pus pocket. This, in turn, can cause damage to the bone around the teeth, thereby leading to loss of teeth and excess pain.

Q.10 Should I go for a crown after completion of Root Canal Treatment?

Ans. As months and years pass by, the treated tooth will become open to fracture as there will be an increase in the brittleness. This is why dentists recommend the patients, who have undergone RCT to go for the crown. In other words, the crown can work as a shield, thereby contributing towards longevity of the tooth.

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